Tired of scrolling for toddler activities that take hours to prep, but minutes to play?

Discover the beauty of custom play ideas:
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Hey, I’m Louisa, a Creator of Play (yes that’s a thing!)

I help mums create easy play ideas that their toddlers will love, because it's all about THEM

Play is supposed to be fun, not stressful—but when you’ve got 101 things to do, as a busy mum you don’t have time to come up with play activities all day long (and let’s face it—who does that?!)

I teach you how to make it easy and enjoyable by basing play on your child’s interests!

I create simple play ideas based on what your little one loves..

..and what you as a mum can handle!

How can I help you right now?

I want to be inspired!

Find inspiration on the blog which is packed full of pretty but practical play!

I need an instant activity!

Shop the Printables that are all ready for you to just print and play right away!

Show me how to Play!

Let’s create play activities designed just for your little one, so you never have to go looking again!

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And if playdough's your thing..

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