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Learning through Play

6 Jelly Bean Alphabet Activities with Free Preschool Printable

Learning the alphabet can be a little daunting for little ones; the key is to make it all fun through play! Learning the alphabet, like learning your name, starts with recognition. So don’t stress if your little one is struggling, just engage them in lots of fun alphabet play activities like this 🙂

If you are looking to help your little one learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun and engaging way, then why not print this free alphabet printable sheet and have some fun with these 6 awesome ways to learn through play alphabet style!

Grab The Free Preschool Alphabet Sheet and Read On For Ways To Play!

#1 Playdough Alphabet

You could print out the alphabet sheets and have your child roll playdough into either long sausages (which is great for fine motor skills too!) or small balls and have them put the playdough over the outline of the letter shape – there’s space for each letter to be done without tracing too if your little one wants to have a go!

(If you need a playdough recipe then checkout our favourite one here —> EASY PEASY PLAYDOUGH RECIPE

#2 Finger Tracing Alphabet In A Sand Tray

If you laminate the sheet and put a light dusting of sand in a tray ,you can have fun finding the letters using fingers or a small paintbrush. When you find a letter, have a go at copying the letter either upper or lowercase. This alphabet activity combines as a great sensory play activity too!

#3 Bingo Marker Alphabet Game

Using a Bingo marker or a felt tip, you could use dots to put a mark over each jelly baby on the alphabet letters. This is a great way to help preschoolers recognise the letters as they get ready to start writing.

#4 Cotton Bud Alphabet Printing

Using a small amount of paint (a jar lid would be a great way to keep the amount of paint to a minimum). Use cottons buds (q-tips) to trace the outline of the letters, either by making dots or drawing the letter outline. 

name recognition activity painting

#5 Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Matching

Cut around the letters and cut them down the middle to separate the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. You could make this into a treasure hunt and hide one half around the house or in the garden. Encourage your little one to match them up to the uppercase as they find them and lay them out in order too if they can!

#6 Jelly Bean Alphabet Line Up

Finally, why not get some jelly beans and have fun making your own alphabet letters! This is super way to get familiar with the sahpes of the alphebt letters and this printable is a great starting point.

If your child is able to recognise their name then you could have a go at making their name using just the letters from their name form the printable.

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Have a great time learning the alphabet with your toddler or preschooler at home, and remember to keep it fun!

Louisa | Mum’s creative Cupboard x