edible nativity crafts for kids

Yummy Children’s Craft Nativity Scene

Christmas is a special time of year, and for our family, it’s all about celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus. We love all the festivities but the Nativity is at the heart of it all and so this craft is a fun way for us to reflect on the Christmas story.

This children’s craft nativity scene is the perfect edible Christmas crafts for toddlers this Christmas. Using chocolate, biscuits and a little icing to glue it altogether, you can recreate your own Christmas story at home in a matter of minutes!

biscuit nativity

The Biscuit Nativity Must Haves!

Whether you’re making just the one or you have plans to make a few, this is an affordable nativity craft with lots of alternatives to keep costs down!

(As we are based in the UK the exact products we used may not be available where you live, but I’m sure there are lots alternatives out there 😄)

The Shopping List

  • Biscuits – I used ‘Go Ahead’ biscuits for the Nativity structure, but any rectangle biscuit will work well (the longer the better)

  • Mini Gingerbread People – These make for great mini people, but you could also use jelly babies in the same way

  • Tube of Piping Icing – You can buy this from most supermarkets or make some of your own icing at home with a piping bag

  • Mini Jelly Babies – The kind you get in the Haribo packets are perfect but the big ones work too!

  • Chocolate Stars – I used some chocolate cake decorating stars and a jar of miniature chocolate star sprinkles (‘Magic Stars’ would make a great alternative)

Once you’ve gathered together all your supplies (always advisable to do this before starting with little ones!) you can begin creating your own nativity scene!

Making an Edible Stable this Christmas

The Stable

We tested a number of different structures for our stable and found the triangle shape to be the easiest and strongest to make. It is best to have a base piece and sit the two sides on top, leaning in together. Use icing to glue the whole thing together.

Mary and Joseph

Using the icing, glue two gingerbread people to the stable, one either side of the opening. You could add details using coloured icing to Mary and Joseph if you liked.

You could also add other people from the Christmas story using these gingerbread people:

The shepherds

The Wise Men / Kings

The Angel Gabriel

Another great addition would be some animals (chocolate animal biscuits would be fun for this – although I don’t think they have any donkeys in the pack 😜)

Baby Jesus in the Manger

Using a mini jelly baby for Jesus, I created a manger bed of icing for him to lie in. I used a gingerbread person of the bottom of the manger and simply piped loads of icing until it was nice and fluffy to push the jelly baby into. (I had contemplated using a marshmallow to create a soft bed too).

Star of Bethlehem

To finish the stable off we added a large star to represent the star that the wise men would have followed to find the baby Jesus. I also added some stars to the nativity itself – just for fun!

Creating Your Own Children's Nativity at Home

Be sure to save this to Pinterest so you have it on hand and ready to go ↓

edible nativity crafts for kids

Have fun creating this biscuit nativity at home with your little ones this Christmas! And be sure to add a picture to the ‘tried it’ section on Pinterest so I can see your creations too 😁

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Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x