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Christmas Contact Paper Craft Activities for Toddlers

Christmas Crafts are an easy way to get in the festive spirit, but quite often they’re not easy for toddlers to do. Fiddly crafts that will just frustrate your child are not fun, in fact they’re just plain stressful – so why not give these a go instead!

These Christmas Contact Paper Craft Activities are the perfect festive craft for little ones! With a sticky base, all they have to do is the sticking! Create a father Christmas with tissue paper, a Christmas pudding with sequins, and a Christmas Tree wrapped in wool and decorate with sticky stars!

A really simple and fun way to get little ones creating some Christmas memories at home!

Contact Paper Christmas Pudding Craft

christmas craft toddlers sequins

What will I need for this Christmas Pudding Craft?

  • Brown Foam Sheet (Or card if you don’t have any)

  • Contact Paper (This can be picked up quite cheap in most craft stores, but if you want a quick fix, then use layers of sellotape behind instead)

  • White / Pearlescent  sequins – This gives the topping a lovely shine, but you could use anything small, such as white pom poms, buttons, tissue paper balls etc)

  • Holly and Berry Decorations – We used some pre cut foam shapes we had, but you could use a red poms and some card leaves, or even some real leaves!
christmas craft toddlers will love

How Do I Make a Contact Paper Craft Christmas Pudding?

  1. Draw around a bowl and cut out a round brown piece of foam or card (whichever you have)

  2. Cut out the shape of the topping from the foam, leaving a small edge all around so that you have something to stick the contact paper to

  3. Using the same bowl you used to cut the foam with, cut a circle of contact paper

  4. Peel the backing from the contact paper and place your foam shape on top, leaving the sticky backing ready for a fun topping!

  5. Cover the sticky part in sequins (or whatever you have)

  6. Finish by gluing a Holly Berry decoration on top!

Contact Paper Christmas Tree Craft

contact paper crafts for kids

What will I need for this Christmas Tree Wool Craft?

  • Green Card (Any card will do – having green just helps if there are gaps in the wool)

  • Contact Paper – Again, cheap to pick up but double sided sticky taper would also work for this wrapped around the tree

  • Green wool – We had a big ball of green wool, but your Christmas tree could be multi coloured if you want to use up lots of scraps of wool!

  • Sticky Star Decorations – This was what we had in, but you can decorate your tree however you like! Maybe you have some mini tinsel strands, or festive stickers!
contact paper Christmas crafts for kids

How Do I Make a Sticky Christmas Tree Craft?

  1. Create a cone shape using some green card rolled up and cut the bottom so it stands flat (use a kitchen roll holder to help it up while making if this helps)

  2. Create a similar cone shape using the contact paper over the card and stick down with some double sided sticky tape (alternatively cover the entire tree in double sided tape)

  3. Wrap wool around the tree until covered (you could either wrap one ball of wool around the whole tree, or cut lengths of wool and stick the on individually)

  4. Decorate your tree with some sticky backed stars, foam Christmas shapes or anything you have on hand!

Santa Contact Paper Fun for Toddlers

santa crafts for kids at home

What will I need for this Santa Contact Paper Craft?

  • 2 Paper Plates (ideally these need to be the same size)

  • Contact Paper – You’ll need a little more for this one as you’ve got two areas to cover

  • Cotton Wool Balls / Pads – This is for Santa’s beard, so white pom poms, or white tissue paper would work too

  • Red Tissue Paper – Again anything red that you can stick down in the same way would work

  • Googly Eyes & Red Nose – The facial feature really bring Santa to life! If you don’t have large googly eyes, you could simple cut some out of card and draw on the pupils, and a big red tissue paper ball would work for the nose too!
christmas santa crafts for toddlers

How Do I Make a Sticky Christmas Tree Craft?

  1. Colour in Santa’s face in the middle of the paper plate using some crayons

  2. Draw around the paper plate on the contact paper and cut half out creating a semi circle of contact paper that will form the beard on the bottom half of the face

  3. Using a small amount of double sided tape – tape the contact paper onto the face and peel

  4. Cover this first part in cotton wool balls for Santa’s beard

  5. With your second paper plate, cut out a section as shown above so that when layered under the first plate, it forms a hat shape

  6. Apply contact paper to the hat part in just the same way with the double sided tape, and then attach to the face with the tape too
  7. Cover the hat in red screwed up tissue paper balls – this is great for fine motor skills

  8. Add a white cotton wool pad or ball to the end of Santa’a hat, and attach the eyes and red nose too!

Christmas Contact Paper Craft Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers at Home

And here you have it, 3 super simple Christmas Contact Paper Craft activities for toddlers that they can actually join in with and get festive without the frustration!

christmas contact paper activity

Have fun making, and don’t forget to to pin this for later!

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Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x