Christmas Sensory bins toddlers
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3 Surprise Christmas Sensory Box Ideas For Toddlers

Sometimes the simplest of things bring the most joy at Christmas, especially for toddlers and preschoolers who love to explore the world and get hands on!

These 3 Christmas sensory box ideas for toddlers may seem too simple.. but for a little toddler who just wants to immerse themselves in the Christmas fun, they are a perfect for play, and they might even give you opportunity to get something else done!

The 3 examples I have here are just that, examples, you could literally use anything in your boxes (provided it is safe for your child and used with supervision of course!) Read til the end for more alternative ideas!

1. Christmas Sensory Box Ideas - Tinsel

Christmas Sensory bins toddlers

There is something about tinsel that is just so magical – the way it can brighten up a tree in an instant, or transform a room into a festive grotto!

It’s also an inexpensive item that makes it a great surprise sensory box idea for toddlers!

Simply fill your box with tinsel, smaller strands or one ling strand and let your toddler rummage around and enjoy the tinsel! (Supervision required)

You can expand on the play by using different lengths of tinsel and having a go at ordering the tinsel by size – or simply create shapes using one long strand

2. Christmas Sensory Box Ideas - Bows & Ribbons

Christmas Sensory bins toddlers

The humble gift bow that we may overlook as anything particularly special, but to a toddler, a box of bows looks so inviting!

You could set up somewhere for them to stick the bows if you peel the backs, or simply let them rummage through again and enjoy sorting through all the different bows.

You could extend this to a colour sorting activity with different colour bows, or different sizes for preschoolers.

3. Christmas Sensory Box Ideas - Cotton Wool Snowballs

Christmas Sensory bins toddlers

I just love snow. As someone who grew up by the sea we just didn’t get snow very much and so any chance to play in snow (real or fake!) I’m all in!

(I’ve got a whole post dedicated to making fake snow that you can check out here:

This is super simple non-messy snow option for the third surprise sensory box ideas for toddlers – cotton wool! It’s super fun and makes for a great snowball fight 🙂

Christmas Sensory Box Ideas For Toddlers at Home

Grab yourselves a Christmas box or gift bag, fill it with some Christmas goodies and let your little one enjoy some festive fun!

Christmas Sensory bins toddlers

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