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Genius Cookie Cutter Easter Craft for Toddlers!

I’m always looking for ways that i can make crafts more accessible for little ones and still have them turn out a little bit pretty (yes I’m all for the process, and I don’t believe it all needs to be picture perfect, but every now and again it’s nice to make something to put on a card that is fun to make as well!)

This cookie cutter tissue paper is just brilliant for little hands to have a go at, and the results are so pretty too! All you need is some tissue paper and a few cookie cutters to get making these easy Easter crafts at home with your toddlers and preschoolers!

Read to the end for ideas on how to turn these into Easter Cards or Decorations for your home this Easter. Or any time of year you like really – this can be done for any occasion with whatever cookie cutters you have!

What You'll Need For This Toddler Easter Craft

  • Cookie Cutters – We picked up these Easter ones in The Range really cheap, but you could make your own out of cardboard or use playdough cutters too

  • Card to make your designs on – you can use any colour you like but white really helps the colours pop!

  • Coloured Tissue Paper – We have lots of this on hand so we picked out some Pastel Easter Colours we liked, but any colours will work!

  • PVA Glue – we used this with a paint brush to spread it (just be sure to rinse your brush straight away, I have many glued together paint brushes 🙈)

  • Extras – this is entirely up to you, we used googly eyes because I’m obsessed and they bring anything to life – and we also used some stick on gems to make the eggs sparkle!

How To Make Your Tissue Paper Easter Chick

easter chick craft for toddlers

As you can see from this example, it is very simple to make starting with a good dollop of glue!

  • Place your cookie cutter on the card and fill the inside with glue (spread to the edges with a paintbrush – you may need to keep the cookie cutter still whilst your toddler does this but don’t worry too much the glue will dry clear anyway)

  • Tear some tissue paper (which ever fun colour you are going for!) and screw into small balls

  • Press the tissue paper onto the card, filling every available space (press down hard to check for gaps)

  • Once you have filled the shape, gently lift the cookie cutter away whilst still wet (this is so the tissue paper doesn’t dry to your cutter!)

  • Add any embellishments you desire! Googly eyes and gems are a fun and easy option!

Turn Your Tissue Paper Crafts Into Easter Cards and Decorations!

tissue paper craft

Once the glue is dry you can cut around the shape and stick it onto anything!

  • Punch a hole in the top and thread through some ribbon through to make some lovely Easter Bunting!

  • Use sticky fixers to attach your creations to a card and write Happy Easter on the Front!

  • Use blue tac to stick your creations to a window to make a lovely display

  • Stick to gift tags to create an Easter themed gift decoration

Enjoy These Easter Crafts At Home With Toddlers!

easter bunny craft

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Have a great Easter! Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x