It's here.

Play that literally has your child's name on it.

Create play based entirely on your little one’s interests.

It's here.

Play that literally has your child's name on it.

Create play based entirely on your little one’s interests.

Got a book your little one is obsessed with?

Let me create you some awesome play to engage them further.

Is your toddler only interested in dinosaurs?

Let’s expand their play with a whole world of dinosaur fun!

Can you not drag them away from their favourite TV show?

Let’s see how we can bring it to life off screen.

You could just carry on scouring the internet for play ideas that don't quite 'fit'

You know, a bit like an episode of Friends:

* The one with the crafts that aren’t actually made by toddlers…

* The one with the activity that takes an entire year to set up…

* The one with the child who sits beautifully and paints self portraits.

(Okay that last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get what I’m saying…!)

Play is your child's window to the world

Play is so much more than play.

Play in the early years forms and shapes the people we become.

A child’s brain develops at a rapid rate in the early years, laying the foundation for future learning.

Research by the Lego foundation in conjunction with institutions such as Harvard University, has shown that play is critical in developing life-long skills.

In bringing life to play, you bring learning to life!

It is in playing that we discover our likes and dislikes ~ It is where we first learn to communicate

Play allows us to imagine and to create ~ It is the way in which we first learn almost everything

Introducing :

The Book of Play

A custom-made print and play manual of activities created specifically for your child, so you can save time on the prep and get straight to the play!

A custom-made print and play manual of activities created specifically for your child, so you can save time on the prep and get straight to the play!

Here's what you can expect:

How does it work?

And did someone mention some BONUSES?

You’ll also get access to:


What others are saying..

If you were to do this yourself and create a guide full of go-to-play for your little one, you’d need to spend a good 15+ hours (at least!) scouring the internet looking for exactly the right activity, that uses just what you have at home, and doesn’t take forever to set up.

Then putting it all together, making sure you have everything you need, making sure you’re covering all areas of development, including some variety, testing out some of the crafts (toddler’s don’t wait for you to figure it out as you go)…

It’s a lot. And let’s face it, as a busy mum, by the time you’ve pulled it off you’ll likely be too exhausted to actually play – or your child’s interests will have moved on!

It's time you'll never get back!

I’m offering to do all the leg work for you, by researching what’s out there, creating custom play for what’s not, and then creating a whole book of tried and tested play activities that are quite literally made for you and your child, ready to pick up and go!

The total value? £199

But I want to make this as affordable as possible so..
Your investment for the Book of Play is just:

One-time Payment of just:

One-time Payment of just:


consider this;

You could spend the money on filling their bedroom or playroom with the latest toys that they’ll probably outgrow in a matter of months, or more generic curriculum books that don’t quite meet your child where they’re at..


You could invest in play that makes the most of what you already have, and is literally put together with your child in mind!

As Seen On..

What you get:

  • A beautiful E-book created just for you and your child so you never have to go looking for activities again!
  • A huge variety of simple play that can be set up in minutes so you can get straight to the play!
  • Play ideas designed to engage your child with what they already love!
  • Super simple crafts that your child can actually have a go at rather than you doing all the work!
  • Lots of learning opportunities through focused play activities!
  • Ideas for books I think your little one will love based on their interests!
  • Loads of pretend play ideas to bring out your child’s imagination!
  • Lots of developmental aims alongside activities to encourage your child to gain new skills!
  • Play ideas designed to engage your child with what they already love!
  • PLUS
  • A Printable Pack that is jam packed full of ready made print and play activities for the busy days (and lots of extras too!)
  • A Printable Supplies Checklist so that you don’t have to go looking for what you need - get it all in one go!

And just who am I?

I’m Louisa, and I work with time-stretched mums who struggle to find play activities perfect for their child’s current obsession – whether that’s flying dinosaurs, posting anything and everything through the front door, or their ever growing acorn collection!

I show mums how to create step-by-step simple play, based on what engages their child, because embracing what your child loves can open a world of opportunities for play!

From a very young age, my daughter was obsessed with anything that she could stir, pour, mix or sort. Buttons, beads, pom poms – she just loved them. We tried lots of other toys, and different activities, but they never held her attention quite like a jar of buttons – and when we embraced her style, she just flourished!

She learnt to count (using buttons!)

She found a love for baking (mostly mixing!)

She loved to explore outdoors (collecting conkers!)

When we took what she loved, and gave her opportunities to play her own way, she thrived! And your little one can too!

With 3 years running a toddler group under my belt, and a qualification in Early Years Foundation Stage, I have been playing and creating with little ones (including my own 2 crazy kids!) for years, and now I empower mums to do the same, in a simple but effective way!

I’ve got your back.

Your happiness is my No.1 priority! If once the Book of Play is completed, you don’t feel the activities are quite right, then I will work with you to make sure you have at least 10 activities that are perfect for you and your little one!

Have a question?

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

It’s time to stop going down the Pinterest rabbit hole of play

When instead you could go straight to the creator!

Yes, you could carry on scrolling and piece together a play activity based on what you’ve pinned. But it takes time;

  • > Time to find an idea (plus the extra time dodging those pretty Pinterest distractions!)


  • > Time to relocate the idea when you can’t remember where you saved it (I’ve been there so many times!)


  • > Time to buy the materials you’ll need to put it together


  • > Time to work out how to do it for yourself first


  • > And then it’s finally time to set up and play! (literally the only part I can’t help you with!)

And that's just for one activity!

The Book of Play is designed to save you time, and help your child flourish through play!

The years fly by, and before you know it your little one is not so little anymore. Don’t waste another moment doing it the hard way! I would literally love nothing more than to create some awesome play with you today!

These slots fill up fast, so get yours quick!