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28 Fun Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers at Home

You can spend hours searching for the perfect activity based on your little one’s interests, so I wanted to make a resource that would make it easier to find what you’re looking for when it comes to dinosaur activities for toddlers!

These dinosaur activities for toddlers include sensory dinosaur play, dinosaur crafts for toddlers, printable games and activities, plus things to make in the kitchen with your dinosaur loving toddler!

To make things easier to find, I’ve sorted the activities below so you can jump to what you are looking for here:

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The Best Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers

I have compiled this list with the help of some other toddler and preschooler bloggers so be sure to check out their content via the link included in each activity.

As always I have tried to choose activities that are do-able for toddlers and preschoolers and have suggested alternative options where some are a little tricky!

There’s a quick look at each activity included in the image (which you can pin for later!) and a link to their blog activity in the name.

Please be mindful that all activities with little ones should be supervised at all times, especially when you are using small parts of any kind

Dinosaur Sensory Play Toddler Activities You Must Try!

We love sensory play here at Mum’s creative Cupboard – it’s such a central part of learning at this early age and so we love an opportunity to have a go at something new!

These dinosaur sensory play activities are all based on dinosaurs, whether that be dinosaur eggs, making a dinosaur world, or just simple dinosaur play – I hope you enjoy the selsction!

dinosaur sensory play activities for toddlers
  1. Simple Dinosaur Swamp Sensory BinMommy’s Bundle

    This simple water based sensory swamp from Mommy’s Bundle is super quick to put together using mostly natural items making it a great outdoor activity

  2. DIY Sensory Dinosaur SwampMum’s Creative Cupboard

    This Dinosaur Swamp is super easy to put together in the kitchen and is perfect for any mini dinosaur lover who wants to delve into some taste safe sensory play at home!

  3. Dinosaur Egg Hatch Sensory TrayFinding Myself Young

    I love this super cute dinosaur egg hatching tray from Finding Myself Young – the real egg shells make it really pretty!

  4. Frozen Dinosaur EggsLittle Bins for Little Hands

    This frozen dinosaur egg activity is really easy to set up with full instructions on the website – little toddlers will love to try and get into their frozen dinosaur eggs!

  5. Foam Jurrasic WorldLil Tigers

    Keeping it super simple with this next one with a foaming Jurassic scene – little toddlers love bubbles and foam so why not give this one a go!

  6. Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur EggsMessy Little Monster

    If you want to create a little science actvity then these fizzing dinosaur eggs are perfect! All the ingredients are on the website – this is a real fun one!

  7. Small World Dinosaur Tuff TrayMum’s Creative Cupboard

    If you want to create a small world set up for your sensory play the why not try this Dinosaur Tuff Tray that I put together for my kids using cut grass (that they helped collect) and some cocoa mud!

  8. Fossil Dinosaur DigLittle Bins for Little Hands

    This Dino Dig is a little different as you cook the mixture to set the dinosaurs in, you can find all the details on the link

  9. Dinosaur Sensory BinMessy Little Monster

    And finally for our last sensory bin, we have another super simple idea that is really effective and looks like a lot of fun to play – just add dinosaurs!

Playful Learning Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

At this early age, the best way for you to encourage learning with your toddler or preschooler, is through play. As children play they pick up so much more than we often realise!

Having said that, if there are specific learning activities that you want to introduce, then using these dinosaur activities can really help, and they are mostly very low prep.

You might be working on colours, numbers, letters, shapes or name recognition – whatever it is you can always explore these with the help of some of these fun printables!

dinosaur learning printables
  1. Dinosaur Trace SheetsThe B Keeps Us Honest

    These dinosaur worksheets are great for little ones to work on fine motor skills ready for when they begin to write. You can trace the lines or maybe use scissors (child safety ones) to follow the lines

  2. Dinosaur Matching GameThe Artisan Life
    These free printable sheets are great for a range of abilities with a simple matching game for little ones and more advanced mirror and shadow puzzles for preschoolers

  3. Dinosaur Egg Matching Game Mum’s Creative Cupboard

    Similar to the above activity, this is all about matchin gup dinosaurs, but instead of using worksheets you can take your own photos of your child’s dinosaurs and pop them into eggs for the to open and match up with the real toy!

  4. Dinosaur BingoArtsy Fartsy Mama
    This is a fun game to involve the whole family with (great if you have older siblings to encourage the little ones) and they can be involved in the making of the game too!

  5. Preschool Counting DinosaursWhere’d My Sanity Go

    If you are working on counting skills then these Dinosaur printable activities will be a great help – focusing on the Numbers 1-8

Crafty Dinosaur Projects for Toddlers

When it comes to art and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, it’s really important to remember that art is a process and not necessarily about the end result. Have fun creating and enjoying the process together with these fun dinosaur themed craft activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

dinosaur craft activities for toddlers
  1. Clothes Pin Talking DinosaurGlueSticks Blog
    I absolutely love this fun little craft, it’s super easy but makes a great fine motor activity too for little ones (this is the kind of craft you might make for your toddler and then have them decorate with you and the play!)

  2. Q-Tip FossilsTeam Cartwright
    This is a super great creative thinking art project for little ones, using cotton bud / Q-tips to create bones on a paper dinosaur


  3. Movable Dinosaur craft – Crafts By Amanda

    This is probably a little tricky for very young toddlers, but it’s simple to put together and I’m sure they would enjoy playing with the dinosaur moving it’s legs around – there is a printable provided in the post so no need to worry about drawing anything yourself!

  4. Dinosaur Prints Painting – Mum’s Creative Cupboard

    This is a great craft for little ones with only paint and some dinosaurs needed! You can lay out a roll of paper and see how many prints you can make!

  5. Handprint Cutting craftMombrite 

    I love crafts using children’s handprints, because they involve the child most importantly, and because they are a great keepsake too – this simple dinosaur print is super easy to do!

  6. Dinosaur Snow GlobeTeam Cartwright

    If you are looking for something really unique to make with dinosaurs, then this is another great craft from Team Cartwright! Toddlers will love to watch the snow fall on their little dinosaurs in thsi fun craft!

  7. Simple Paper craft DinosaursColor Me Crafty
    This is a super simple dinosaur craft that could be pre cut to make it easier for little ones, ready to get sticky with!

  8. Dinosaur Feet for StompingTeam Cartwright

    If your little one is into lots of imaginative play, then why not try these dinosaur feet a – perfect for stomping around the house!

  9. Dinosaur Shadow DrawingMum’s Creative Cupboard

    Great toddler activity for a sunny day – either outside or by the window! Trace the shadow of your dinosaur and move it around and see what happens!

  10. Straw Dinosaur FossilsThe Gingerbread House

    Another great Dinosaur bones activity, this time using straws to create a dinosaur outline – to make this more toddler friendly, you could draw an outline for them to follow with their straws 🙂

  11. Dinosaur Nightlight TerrariumCrafts by Amanda

    These are the cutest little nightlights, and they are not difficult to make. If you wanted to keep it simple you could skip the light and just focus on making the dinosaur habitat with your little one!

  12. Handprint Dinosaur card – Simple Every Day Mom

    This card is super easy to make and even come with a printable for all the dinosaur features you will need – great sticking and gluing activity for toddlers and when you’re finished you can send ti to someone and make their day 🙂

Fun Dinosaur Activities in the Kitchen

There final dinosaur activities have all been created in the kitchen, some are edible and some can be cooked and used in play activities – so let’s get into these really fun dinosaur kitchen activities!

dinosaur play in the kitchen
  1. Salt Dough BonesLeap of Faith Crafting
    Salt Dough Bones are great for pretend play activities for toddlers and preschoolers – all the details are in the post!

  2. Layer Cake for Digging!Imaginative Homeschool

    If you really want to go all out on the dinosaur theme then this cake is just awesome! Perhaps more of a party activity, but I couldn’t resist adding it into the mix! Definitely a fun one..

  3. Dinosaur Chocolate OobleckMombrite

    If you’ve never made oobleck then you are missing out – it’s a right of passage 😛 and this is a really fun way to play with dinosaurs! (It is messy though – be warned!)

  4. Tasty Dino DigTeam Cartwright
    If you’re looking for a good old dinosaur dig – then this edible version is really fun for little ones (probably best to stick to sugar free jelly though!)

So there you have it! 28 Dinosaur Activities for you to try with your toddler or preschooler at home!

If you have any other ideas, then  please do share them in the comments below!

Have a great time with your little dinosaurs 🦕

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x