Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers
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4 Creative Duplo Water Activities For Toddlers

Does you little one love water play?

Do you want simple water activities for toddlers that won’t break the bank?

Do you have a box full of Duplo?

Then this activity is just for you and your little one!

4 Duplo Water Activities For Toddlers that are so easy to set up that you could do it in your sleep (which you may need to if your little one doesn’t sleep!)

These activities can also be done with Lego bricks or bath toys if you don’t have Duplo making it even easier and something everyone can do!

So let’s take a look at these super simple water play ideas for toddlers …

Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers

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Duplo Water Activities For Toddlers Car Wash

What You'll Need for a Duplo Car Wash

  • Duplo vehicles – if you don’t have Duplo cars, tractors or any vehicle you cold use any plastic cars (just make sure don’t have parts that might rust) Alternatively you could wash animals instead if you’ve got a Duplo farm set – this set below from Amazon comes with animals and a tractor too!

  • Toothbrushes – The cheapest toothbrushes you can find will be perfect for this – we had some cheap ones in the back of the cupboard that had suckers on the bottom which worked well as they could be left standing in the tray but this isn’t necessary – just use what you have

  • Bubbles – We used some dish soap in the water and mixed it up to make some bubbles in the water – you could just use some regular bubble solution

  • A Tray / Bin – We used our Tuff Tray to set up this water play activity as it’s a great depth of water for the Duplo cars without them getting lost in the water – however this would work just as well in a plastic box with a small amount of water at the bottom
Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers

These water play activities for toddlers are super fun but so easy to put together – if you’ve got a toothbrush and something to wash then you’re sorted!

We love easy water play ideas for preschoolers and toddlers especially in the summer months when it’s good to get outside – but these can also become winter activities really easily by taking them to the bath for some bathtime fun! For other bathtime ideas check out this post on bathtime ideas for a happy bedtime!

Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers - Ducks & Duplo!

What You'll Need For The Rubber Duck Duplo Play

  • Duplo Bricks – You will need some longer bricks as well as square ones (enough to make a low wall of bricks)

  • Rubber Ducks – Anything that floats will work so long as they are not too heavy (a lot of bath toys would work perfectly, or even a boat!) but rubber ducks are just super fun and cute so we went with them!

  • Straws – You’ll need straws for blowing the water, reusable ones work best as paper ones will give up very quickly especially with small people!

  • Bubbles – This is optional for this particular water play activity as it all depends on the age of your child and their ability to blow through the straw and not suck the water up!! If you think your child is likely to suck the water up the straw then it’s probably best to skip the bubble solution on this water play idea (!) You can still blow bubbles by blowing directly into the water they just won’t last s long as with the bubble solution
Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers

How To Play Ducks & Duplo!

  • First you’ll need to set up a square wall out of Duplo blocks with an opening for the ducks to go through – we made ours 3 bricks high to give it a bit more weight (but it may still try to float – that became part of the fun of the game in the end!)

  • Once you’ve built your wall, place it in the middle and fill the tray with water and bubble solution (if using) – fill until there is enough water for the rubber ducks to float on

  • Fill with as many ducks as you have / like and use the straws to blow the ducks into the middle square (this can be done blowing the water or blowing directly on to the ducks)

  • Have fun trying to get all the rubber ducks into the middle!

As an alternative, older children might want to create a Duplo maze for the ducks to go through – or a simple path would work well for toddlers to try and follow – it really is adaptable to so many things because the Duplo is so easy to work with!

Water Activities for Toddlers - Colour Sorting

What You'll Need for Duplo Colour Sorting

  • Duplo is an assortment of colours – We used Duplo bricks in a few different colours but you can literally use anything that you put in water!

  • Plastic Coloured Bowls – We used a cheap set of plastic coloured bowls that we keep for the purposes of play but so long as it’s clear what colour goes in which bowl it doesn’t really matter what you use (you could just start them off with one of each colour in the bowls you want them sorted into)

  • Slotted spoon – We used the spoon we normally dish up peas with!! Only because it drains the water and is a fun extra for little ones – any spoon is fine, or even just using hands and getting stuck in is just as good – we’re all about using what you already, so if you’ve got a spoon for serving peas then it works fab but don’t worry if not 😛
Water Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Encourage your child to sort the coloured Duplo blocks into their dishes, talk about the colours, but don’t worry if they can’t do it, it’s all about the opportunity for learning – children learn so much through play!

These are all super simple easy water activities for toddlers that can be adapted to whatever you have, so if you don’t have lego, why not use bath toys or even pom poms! Water play ideas are very versatile and these are just designed to be prompts to help you come up with your own super simple play activities for toddlers at home!

Water Play Ideas For Preschoolers & Toddlers - Back to Basic Duplo Blocks

And lastly – if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time to set up the above activities (although none of them really require too much) then why not just put a load of Duplo blocks, cars and toys into the water tray and let you little one have fun just playing in the water!

Children have great imaginations and the combination of the Duplo and the water is a great sensory water play idea that is so simple but so effective! you don’t need to go fancy, and in fact Duplo Water Play for toddlers is a great way to encourage independent play (with supervision of course)

Duplo Water Activities For Toddlers and Duplo Water Play Ideas Recap

These are super simple water play ideas for preschoolers and toddlers to try out – but they are really fun and a great way to give a new lease of life to your Duplo (and a good clean too!!)

  1. Duplo Car Wash Water Play – give those cars a good wash in the bubbles

  2. Ducks & Duplo Water Activity – have fun bowing rubber ducks into your Duplo made pen!

  3. Duplo Water Play Colour Sorting – create a great learning opportunity by colour sorting blocks in the water

  4. Good old Duplo Water Play – Duplo + Water = A lot of fun!

So there you have it, 4 Duplo Water Activities for Toddlers that you can try straight away!

I hope you have a lot of fun with your little ones playing in the water!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x