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Adorable Sensory Easter Activities for Babies

Let’s face it, babies don’t do much when they’re very little…

They can’t make all the awesome Easter crafts out there that are filling your feeds…

But you still want to make Easter special for them too, right?

If so, then this is the Blog Post for you!

Babies are learning every day through their senses, and it is important especially whilst they are still very much growing and developing, to expose them to lots of different sensory activities.

Here in this post, I have put together some sensory activities that are specifically for babies (rather than toddlers, although toddlers may enjoy these just as much!)

Babies obviously don’t grasp what Easter is, or what a celebration is – but it is still lovely to include them and to have some memories to share with them when they are older.

These activities are all really simple and don’t take much time to put together – so let’s get into it…

Baby Sensory Sound Eggs

I love this activity because of how diverse it is – you can make whatever sound eggs you like by filling the eggs with lots of different things you have lying around the house, or in the garden!

Here’s how we made ours:


  • Plastic Eggs (you could do this with anything you can seal up if you don’t have eggs)

  • Glue or Tape (to make the eggs extra secure you could use a glue gun or duct tape)

  • Different egg fillers (experiment with what sounds different inside the plastic eggs)

    We used:

    – Quinoa (Rice or Cous Cous would work the same)

    – A small balloon filled with water

    – Twigs from the garden broken up

    – Small chippings also from the garden

    – Small pieces of scrunched up paper

    Other ideas:

    – Tissue paper

    – Sugar

    – Flour

    – Broken Crayons

    – Baked beans

    – Lego bricks

    – Buttons

    – Beads

    – Dried peas

    – Pompoms

    – Cut up straws

    – Seeds

    – Peppercorns

    – Nuts & Bolts

    – Googly Eyes (because they feature in all my posts!)

    – Small bells

    – A few dice

    – Marbles

    – Leaves

    – Old Keys

    – Nuts


The options are endless just be sure to secure eggs well and always supervise when using small objects with babies)

How to:

  • Collect fillers – try and choose items that will make each egg sound different to make the activity more enjoyable

  • Fill your eggs about half full – you could experiment with the amount as it has an effect on the sound it makes but as a general rule half-full works well 

  • Seal Eggs – this bit is so important for little babies – you can either tape the eggs shut or use glue (it will depend on how your eggs are made as to which method works best) but always supervise whilst baby is playing with the eggs as there are small parts 

This is an easy activity to put together and the eggs can be used again and again after Easter – if you use tape then you can open up the eggs and change the fillers from time to time as well 🙂

Baby Sensory Ziplock Bag

These sensory ziplock (freezer bags) are a really easy way to create a fun sensory Easter bag for your little baby to enjoy!


  • A sealable waterproof bag (ziplock/freezer)

  • Food colouring

  • Laminated pictures or small objects like pom poms

  • Water



How to:

  • Either draw or print some eggs or whatever takes your fancy. Easter bunnies or chicks to go inside your bag would also be fun! Laminate them so that the colour doesn’t run and it lasts a long time – add these to the bag first to make sure they stay the right way around – if you want to be extra thorough you could print double-sided shapes in case they flip when in the water!

  • Food colouring – add the water to the bag (about half full so there’s enough room to push air around) and then add a colour of your choice to the bag – you can skip this option if you want a clear bag

  • Glitter – again this is an optional extra but a small sprinkle of glitter really makes the bag sparkle and shine which can only be a good thing in my book – and it’s a non-messy use for glitter 🙂
  • Finally, seal the bag up, add duct tape for good measure and give the bag a good shake before letting your baby poke and prod the fun squishy Easter bag!


If you are feeling very adventurous then this would be brilliant on a larger scale – you could make up a range of freezer bags with different colours and different shapes and tape them all together for a spectacular Easter baby mat!!

Baby Sensory Frozen Eggs

Now the warmer weather is here, it’s time to have fun with ice again! It’s one of the simplest things in the world to make and yet it is fascinating to melt, and play with!


  • Balloons

  • Edible Water beads or Large Pom poms

  • Paintbrushes and a pot of warm water 

How to:

  • Allow edible waterbeads to grow before using – or use pom-poms (always watch babies with small objects that could be swallowed)

  • Open balloon up and fill with large pom poms or edible water beads (to make this easier try using a funnel)

  • Place balloon neck over the end of a tap and fill with water until you have the egg shape and size you want

  • Tie off balloon and place in the freezer overnight (try to avoid putting pizza or chips on top of it to make sure it holds the egg shape!!)

  • When frozen, cut off the balloon and place into a tray with a paintbrush and some water and let your baby have a go at brushing the egg (with your help if very small) and you could also try pouring jugs of warm water over the eggs until they melt


This is  a great activity for warm sunny days or can be done inside also!

Baby Sensory Play - Easter Grass

This last activity idea is super simple but a great little sensory activity that can be made as Easter-y as you like 🙂


  • Shredded Green Paper

  • Toy rabbits (or chicks)

  • Plastic Eggs (or any kind of eggs – you could do boiled eggs if you wanted for a squishy feel!)

How to:

  • Put grass in a tray or just on the floor and add eggs and rabbit for a great fun sensory tray!
    I actually used a wind-up rabbit and a battery-operated rabbit that we already had – if you have either of these this makes it really fun watching them run around in the grass!

I told you it was simple! But a lovely activity for younger babies 🙂

Happy Easter to all your lovely Babies 🙂

I hope you enjoy playing with your babies this Easter with these super simple activities that they are going to love!

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Have a great Easter!

Louisa xx