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7 Fun Easter Egg Playdough Print Ideas

Easter time is full of chocolate and whilst I love it – when it comes to little one I don’t want them to spend all their time eating chocolate (that’s reserved for mummy!) Sometimes we need something a little different to occupy us over the Easter break, so here is an alternative:

These playdough Easter eggs make a great invitation to play with inviting rainbow colours and lots of opportunity to explore making patterns in the dough! Using household items to make pretty patterns on out playdough Easter eggs using a simple egg mold. 

As usual, it’s all about getting creative with what you have, so don’t worry if you don’t have a chocolate egg mould, keep reading to find out some alternative options!

Preparing Your Playdough Easter Eggs

You can choose to set this activity up pre-made, or you may choose to involve your toddler in the process, it really just depends on how they play best and how much time you have.

If you choose to make the Playdough Easter Eggs just as we have here, then you’ll need the follwing items:

easter egg rainbow patterns

The Playdough Supplies

  • Playdough – in a variety of colours (You can use shop bought play doh or you can make your own playdough at home. I have a really simple PLAYDOUGH RECIPE here that I find works really well)

  • Easter Egg Mould – If you have a chocolate mould then great – we didn’t, so I used the plastic packaging from an Easter Egg (it’s actually quite hard to find plastic packaging, I found mine on a Free From Egg in ASDA!

  • Whisk – large whisk works best

  • Metal Straw – Make sure you have a straw cleaning brush to get the playdough out with after 😆

  • Duplo Blocks – Lego works too, just be sure to supervise with small parts

  • Large Buttons – We used some simple round buttons but you can used shaped buttons for a lovely effect and printed patterned buttons too!

  • Bottle Caps – Milk bottle tops work great for this

Once you have everything you need, you will need to fill your Easter Egg Playdough mould and squeeze it out to form your eggs – then it’s time to get printing!

1. The Easter Egg Playdough Whisk Roll

playdough whisk activity for easter

As you can tell by the name, this is a very sophisticated play dough print(!) Simply pick up the whisk and roll it over the egg! Obviously the picture is for demonstration purposes, let your little ones roll away all over the egg!

2. The Straw Poked Playdough Egg

orange playdough straw game

It is as it says on the tin! Poke the straw into the play dough egg to create this lovey pattern all over – sometimes the playdough comes out with the straw (so you will need a brush to clean out the straws afterwards – I tried blowing it out, it did not work!!)

3. The Star With A Whisk Playdough Print

yellow whisk playdough print

The end of a whisk does make a really beautiful star print in the playdough – and can be used all over for a crazy pattern effect too! This is a great way to build strngeth in little hands as they push the whisk into the dough.

4. The Duplo Printed Play Doh Easter Egg

duplo and playdough play easter activity for toddlers

We love using playdough with other things for play – it’s just so versatile! This crazy brick pattern wasa lot of fun to make, and you could do this with some lego to and create more intricate patterns as you go!

5. The Button Press Playdough Egg for Easter

pressing buttons into playdough

Pressing buttons into playdough is a lot of fun – the more pressure you apply the more detail you get so it’s a great cause and effect activity for little ones. Try different sizes, shapes and textures to see what other fun patterns you can create together on your playdough Easter eggs. 

6. The Straw Press Playdough Egg Effect

straw pressed into playdough roll

For this next one, we used the bend in the straw to make lines in the playdough egg, experimenting with criss-cross patterns and seeing how deep we could make the grooves in the play doh. 

7. The Bottle Cap Roll Easter Egg with Play Dough

bottle top playdough activity

And lastly, we have the bottle top rolling effect (as you can tell, there are no fancy ways to say these prints 😜)

You could try all sorts of bottle tops for this and see what different designs they have on the side – its a bit like rolling a wheel over the playdough (Which you could also try!)

7 Playdough Easter Eggs Prints To Inspire Your Easter Play

And that’s it! You have your 7 Playdough Easter Egg Print Ideas to try at home with your toddler or preschooler:

  1. The sophisticated Whisk Roll

  2. The elegant Straw Poke

  3. The beautiful Whisk Star

  4. The crazy Duplo Print

  5. The wonderful Button Press

  6. The fun Straw Press

  7. The eco Bottle Cap Roll

This is of course just the begining of what you could try with your little one – let them explore and come up with their own ideas, or combine lots of different effects. This is a great all round fine motor and sensory activity that is perfect for Easter!

If you liked these ideas, then you’ll love this post with loads more ideas on how to play with playdough:

Have a lot of fun with this one! And don’t forget to save this pin for later ⇓

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x

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