Easy Elsa Cake DIY Princess Doll Cake

How To Make An Easy Elsa Cake With A Doll, Squished Cake And Some Glitter Spray!

Do you aspire to make the most beautiful birthday cakes for your children, but don’t think you can pull it off?

Do your cakes fail to rise when you desperately need them to? (mine always do!)

Are you put off my how expensive a character cake can be?

If so then this is just for you – whether your child is a Frozen fan or not, the principles behind making this cake mean you can achieve so much more than you thought you could – trust me!

Easy Elsa Cake DIY Princess Doll Cake

From a young age, I always asked my children what kind of birthday cake they would like and then attempt to make them that cake and it became a sort of family tradition!

I quickly realised though, that I’m not that great at baking – and I don’t always have the time to make a cake from scratch (my daughter’s birthday is days before Christmas!!)

So I began to buy supermarket cakes (often ones that were reduced because they had gotten a bit battered in the box) and turn them into something else. I wouldn’t always buy a big birthday cake either – if I know it’s only going to be the 4 of us at home eating I might just buy a small Victoria sponge to decorate!

This was a GAME CHANGER for me!

No longer do I have to worry about whether my cake will actually turn out okay, or if I even have time to bake one, I just have to worry about making it look pretty!

The other great thing I’ve learnt over the years, is to KEEP IT SIMPLE

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference this makes! So long as the overall concept of the cake is simple then it’s easy to make a cake with that wow factor – really!

Let me show you how easy it is with this easy Elsa cake …

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What You’ll Need for your own easy Elsa Cake

This is a list of what we used with a few alternatives depending on whether you want to replicate this cake exactly

  • Dome shaped cake – If you are a dab hand at baking then you could probably bake a dome cake in no time, but if you’re anything like me and want the quick and easy way then have a look at your local supermarket and see if you can pick up a dome shaped cake, there are loads of cakes in this shape (even better if you can get it in the reduced section!)
  • Elsa Doll – We used this pose-able Mini Elsa Toddler Doll for our cake which is great because it’s plastic so can be washed and played with afterwards – and I was able to move the arms out of the way making it a little easier to decorate around
  • Edible Glitter Spray – This stuff is incredible! I have to give most of the credit to this inexpensive blue glitter spray because it really transforms the cake! You can pick this up in most supermarkets in the UK and I’m sure there are similar in other countries
  • Buttercream – Again if you want you could make your own buttercream but because i was short on time when making this cake I opted for the a tub of buttercream from the supermarket (I actually managed to pick up all of the stuff for this cake in one trip to Tesco so I was pretty pleased about that!)
  • Sprinkles / Decorations – We used a tub of snowflake sprinkles and silver pearls to decorate the dress but any kind of sparkly, fun sprinkles you want will work
  • Piping bag / Pre-filled tube – I can’t actually remember which we used for this cake but I have used both and they work great either way!

Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own Easy Elsa Cake

Easy Elsa Cake

On this occasion I managed to get myself a bargain of a cake because the football markings were falling off and the cake had been flattened a bit at the edges but as you’ll hopefully see, by the time we were finished you would never have known!

So let’s go straight into how I transformed a football into an easy Elsa cake in just one evening!

  • Remove any excess – depending on what cake you purchased you will need to remove any pieces that will be noticeable – it doesn’t matter if it damages the cake slightly as we will be covering this up afterwards just remove as many lumps and bumps as best you can!
  • Insert your doll – If you have a plastic doll you should be fine to push the doll straight into the top of the cake, however if isn’t, then you may wish to wrap it in foil or clingfilm just to protect it. When pushing the doll in, make sure it’s far enough in to not pop out but allow some space to ice up the dress a little to create a seamless effect
  • Buttercream – This is where the magic starts! It’s as simple as covering the dress all over and using a palette knife to make downward strokes so it looks as thought the dress flows down – the beauty of this part is, you can’t really go wrong! I’m no expert in icing but the next part will hide any imperfections! Be sure to ice up the dress a little bit to cover any gaps where the doll meets the cake
  • Glitter Spray – I know I said the last bit was where the magic started but this is the actual magic stuff! Starting at the top I sprayed a light layer of blue glitter spray all over I then went over darker at the top to give it a gradient look – again you can’t really go wrong – and it is so much fun! I think all my future cakes will have this on!
  • Decorate – After I was happy with the blue (I can’t lie it was hard to put the glittery spray down!!) I added some silver pearls and some snowflake decorations all over the dress – remember simplicity is key and so less is more in this case
  • Piping the edge – I was in love at this point but the cake didn’t look ‘finished’ and so I decided to pipe around the edge of the dress and add some pearls to that too – and then I gave the whole thing another quick spray of the glitter (because why not!)

And just like that you have your own easy Elsa Cake – it really is that easy! I know some of you will still be thinking that you can’t do it justice but I promise if you give it a go, keep it really simple, and arm yourself with lots of glitter spray, your little one will LOVE IT!

Alternatives to the Easy Elsa Cake

If your little one isn’t into Elsa then why not try one of these alternatives with some added suggestions for decoration!

  • Belle – Beauty and the Beast – This would make a beautiful cake with a gold spray all over – you could pipe some frills along the bottom and add some red rose decorations along the edge
  • Rapunzel – Tangled – Again a great one if you wanted to do a gradient with purple and pink glitter sprays – a nice touch would be some edible flowers
  • Tiana – Princess and The Frog – Using a combination of greens this is another stunning cake opportunity – maybe add some leaves or flowers to decorate
  • Snow White – Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs – With such a striking contrast in colours from the blue at the top of the dress to the golden yellow skirt, this would be really effective too and could be touched up with some sparkly sprinkles all over

Easy Elsa Cake Recap:

So here’s the quick version of our Easy Elsa Cake and a pin to save for later below!

  • Keep it simple – When making your own child’s birthday cake, consider buying a supermarket cake to decorate, saving yourself some time and effort – for this cake you’ll need a dome shape
  • Cover up – Use buttercream or some sort of icing to cover the cake and to create a seamless join between the doll and cake
  • Colour with glitter – This has to be the quickest and easiest way to colour a cake and have a lot of fun doing it!
  • Decorate – finish off by added some sprinkles or edible jewels etc and pipe an edge to finish!

This really is a super easy Elsa Cake (or any princess cake you like!) and I hope you have as much fun making it as we did!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard

Easy Elsa Cake for toddlers