Preschool Farm Actvities
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Farm Activities For Preschoolers with Free Farm Printable Pack

Most little ones love to learn about different animals. Trips to the farm have always been a favourite in our house! Taking that interest in farm animals and creating a learning experience for preschoolers is really simple with farm activities for preschoolers.

Using your preschooler’s interest in farm animals, you can create educational counting activities, fine motor skills opportunities, sensory play and colouring farm activities for your preschooler in your own home in 5 minutes with household items.

As well as creating your own preschool farm activities at home for your little ones, you can also use the free printables found in this post. Creating activities based on a farm theme could not be easier.

Sensory Farm Activities for Preschoolers at Home

If your child is at all interested in farm animals then you very likely have some farm animal toys already. We love these Duplo farm animals that we have had for years!

To make this sensory farm activity I simply added the animals and the tractor to our tuff tray when we were experimenting with growing grass (if your interested, you can read all about that in this post on Growing Grass in the Tuff Tray) This provides a great base for some sensory play.

In the animal trough we put one of our sensory staples, porridge oats! This is a really fun addition. If you don’t have an animal trough like we did in the Duplo, you could use a small plastic container (something like a shallow butter tub would work well)

We finished our farm set up with a fence which is optional of course but really adds a farm like feel!

The main of this activity is to provide a sensory invitation to play in the form of a preschool farm activity so don’t worry too much about the details. A sensory bin filled with soil, oats, or rice would work just as well. Get creative with what you have and enjoy playing on the farm!

I Spy Farm Animals Printable

Using the preschool farm printables below you could make a game of hiding the animals in a sensory bin. Instead of writing how many of the farm animals they can find on the sheet, they could write how many they find in the farm sensory bin.

Fine Motor Farm Activities for Preschoolers

When it comes to practicing using fine motor skills through play there are so many options (if you’re looking for a complete guide then check out this post on Everything Fine Motor Skills with lots more ideas)

For this activity, cotton wool balls are a great option. You could have a go at making your own sheep like the one pictured above – sticking the cotton wool balls to a polystyrene ball with glue.

You could also make something similar using a pine cone. First pull the cotton wool into smaller pieces and then use something like the end of a spoon to poke the cotton wool balls into the pine cone. This can be a little tricky but it is a really great way to develop those fine motor skills with a fun preschool farm activity making sheep.

Fine Motor Skills Farm Printable

Another great skill for preschoolers to practice with a grown up is using scissors. Always supervise when using scissors. The printable included in the pack continues on with the farm theme and has different shape lines to cut along.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use scissors just yet, then you can use it as a line to trace for your preschooler. This is another great way to work on their grip using this fun farm activity!

Preschool Farm Counting Activities

Preschool counting activities can be incorporated into all kinds of play, so if farming isn’t their thing then this activity can be done with any other theme too!

If you have a toy tractor (or a ride on one would be really fun!) then you could have a go at being the farmer and counting how many times around the garden (or around the table) you can go! This is a super fun and engaging way to play that ties in with the theme nicely.

Farm Animal Counting Worksheet Preschool

The I spy printable worksheets make great farm activities for preschoolers to have fun exploring the theme and having a go at counting too, check it out below!

Colouring Farm Activities For Preschoolers

Colouring is a great farm activity preschoolers for quiet time. Included in the farm printable pack is a sheet for colouring some farm animals in.

You could even cut them out afterwards and stick them to some lollipop sticks to create some farm animal puppets!

Free Farm Activities For Preschoolers Printable Pack

Get your Free Printable Farm Activities for Preschoolers Pack Today!

    Farm Activities For Preschoolers At Home Recap

    Taking something that your preschool is interested in such as farm animals, and creating learning opportunities from that interest is so easy!

    • Create sensory play activities simply by creating a base for play
    • Develop fine motor skills with farm based crafts using cotton wool for sheep
    • Encourage early maths skills with themed farm counting activities for preschoolers
    • Set up quiet time with colouring farm activities for toddlers

    You can get the most out of these activities by downloading the free printable that goes along with the pack just above!

    Have fun on the farm!

    Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x