50 Activities for Toddlers at home
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50 Of The Best Go To Toddler Activities

Your time is precious…

You have little ones to take care of and you don’t have time to go trawling the internet for the best activities for toddlers at home …

So I have put together this list of 50 DIY toddler activities that I think are awesome and I hope you do to

These are all simple activities that won’t take long to set up, and are all designed to be easy activities for toddlers at home or in a child care setting so let’s dive into the best DIY toddler activities out there!

50 Of The Best Toddler Activities At Home

This list of 50 best DIY activities for toddlers is thanks to the contributions of many bloggers who I have linked to below in each activity – I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do!

You’ll find their link on the activity name and a sneak-peek of their activity on the pin image, so be sure to check them out and save the pin so you don’t forget the activity!

All toddlers should be supervised when doing any activity, especially when using loose parts and small objects

Sensory Play Toddler Activities At Home

Sensory toddler activities at home are so important for childhood development – sensory play provides opportunity for little ones to explore and discover as well practice creativity and imagination. It also encourages independence and creative thinking with problem solving play ideas for toddlers

Sensory play doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it is simply about providing creative activity for toddlers that enables them to engage their senses in whatever way they decide – at Mum’s Creative Cupboard I strive to bring you simple activities for toddlers that are easy to do at home – and this post is no different!

These sensory play ideas for toddlers including lots of amazing bloggers, are easy to put together with most only requiring a few ingredients or just a few minutes of your time – which is a must with little ones!

Sensory Play Toddlers Activities
  1. Vegetable Soup Sensory BinProtecting your Pennies

    Making vegetable soup in your water table is a fun way to get toddlers working on important skills like fine motor skills, color and food recognition and developing pretend play – this is a super easy activity that you can put together in 2 minutes

  2. DIY Sensory Dinosaur SwampMum’s Creative Cupboard

    This Dinosaur Swamp is really simple to make and is perfect for any dinosaur fans who want to delve into some taste safe sensory play!

  3. Rainbow RiceMom Wife Busy Life

    Learn how to make rainbow rice with just a few simple ingredients! Rainbow rice is great for sensory play and can also be used for mark making activities and much more!

  4. Jello Sensory PlayThe Mom Friend

    This activity could not be simpler – jelly is a great sensory play material that is loved by all ages and you don’t have to worry about it going in your little ones mouth which makes it a win win in my book!

  5. Button Play TrayMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We absolutely love buttons in our house, it was something I remember playing with as a child and my kids are just the same – not only do buttons make for a great sensory bin filler but they can be used for sorting activities too (always supervise little ones with small objects)

  6. DIY Moon SandHappy Mothering

    Similar to kinetic sand, this is a really great sensory experience for toddlers and it’s made with just two ingredients – check out the recipe and have fun making your very own moon sand!

  7. Orange Peel FishingMum’s Creative Cupboard

    This small sensory tray is not only fun to play in, but it also smells amazing – great for fine motor skills as your little ones ‘fish’ in the water and have fun diving their hands into the blue rice water

  8. Construction Sensory BinHome Schooling In Progress

    This sensory bin is so simple but I’m sure it is one that will become a firm favourite if you haven’t tried it already – there’s loads of info on sensory bins in this post for beginners too!

  9. Homemade BubblesBaby Savers

    If you’ve ever tried to make your own homemade bubbles you’ll know it doesn’t always go to plan and that’s why I absolutely love this post from Baby Savers – Learn how to make bubbles with seven amazing recipes! From a tried and true favorite homemade bubble solution to a creative mix made with food coloring, they’re sharing everything you need to know about this fun activity for everyone from babies to adults!

  10. Glowing Ice CubesGo Science Kids

    These ice cubes are so much fun and so easy – we can’t wait to try these out! Check out all the details for how to make them at Go Science Kids and find lots more science activities for toddlers there too!

  11. Washing Dishes Sensory BinEasy Activities For Kids

    Toddlers love to hep out and this is a great way to start them off! It’s quick and easy to set up and will keep kids busy for a long time while strengthening fine motor skills and teach responsibility

  12. Feed The Shark Sensory BagKids Activities Blog

    This is a great sensory activity if you need something on the go or you would like to keep the mess to a minimum – toddlers will have great fun squishing the bag to feed the shark!

  13. Rainbow OobleckThe Play Based Mom

    Oobleck is a crowd pleaser for kids of all ages, and taste-safe for young toddlers! This rainbow oobleck is so pretty to look at and play with!

Playful Learning Toddler Activities At Home

When it comes to learning activities for toddlers the aim is not to teach them lots through a specific toddler activity, but to provide opportunities to introduce ideas and allow them to freely explore and become familiar with numbers, letters, colours, shapes, or whatever it is that you are introducing

These DIY toddler activities all provide opportunities to learn in a playful way that encourages exploration through creative play for toddlers, so let’s take a look:

Toddler Learning Activities for 2 year olds and 3 year olds
  1. Cloudy Day Sticky WallHappy Toddler Playtime

    This activity is great for talking about the weather with little ones, and and is a fab creative activity for toddlers who love sticking things (who doesn’t?!)

  2. Sticky Wall Cow PullMy Mummy Teacher

    This super simple cow activity is another great sticky activity from My Mummy Teacher – you can check out the post above and find more great content on the blog here

  3. Nature Colour HuntInspire My Play

    I love an activity that encourages little ones to explore outside and this one is beautifully done, but in a super simple way that anyone can put together for a last minute activity for a sunny day – it’s also great for talking on walks and keeping toddlers engaged

  4. DIY Shape PuzzleLaughing Kids Learn

    This is another easy DIY toddler activity that is budget friendly and great for helping little ones identify different shapes and sizes – all the details are in the post

  5. Paper Towel Roll PeopleRaising Dragons

    I love this idea because it’s so simple but so brilliant and can be adapted depending on the age of your toddler – older toddlers can have fun making the pieces too – check out the post for all the details!

  6. Paper Plate Dinosaur Number Match Taming Little Monsters

    Another fab creative activity for toddlers using a child’s interest to prompt learning – this is also great for fine motor skills with the use of pegs

  7. Color Sorting Sticky Wall How Littles Learn

    We love activities for toddlers at home that are super easy, and this colour sorting toddler activity is one of them! It’s a simple concept but a great opportunity for learning and can be adapted easily

  8. Paper Cup Names Happy Toddler Playtime

    If you want to introduce your toddler to their own name then this is a fun way to do it – for younger toddlers this could be adapted with colours and shapes to make it a little easier

  9. Letter Matching In A Lunch Box Happy Tot Shelf

    I think this activity is just adorable and love that the play dough and letters can be packed away with just a lid for another day – that’s my kind of activity set up!

  10. Fizzy Number Recognition Mummy Mummy Mum

    Who doesn’t love fizzy things?! This activity combines number recognition with fizzing bottles – check out the post for the details and have loads of fun with this one!

Painting Fun Toddler Activities

Painting is such a fun activity for little ones, especially toddlers! These toddler play ideas with paint include non messy options, some taste safe and/or edible paints, and some experimental painting!

If you are a little cautious of the mess painting can make – take it outside on a sunny day, I’ve been painting with my kids outside for years and it’s much less stressful for me πŸ™‚

So let’s take a look at these fun toddler activities at home using paint!

Toddler Art Activities Painting Ideas
  1. Dinosaur Print PaintingMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We love dinosaur activities and this one is so much fun – paint + dinosaurs = a really fun art afternoon!

  2. Coffee Filter FlowersAny Reason Life

    These flowers are super cute, but even better is that this is a creative activity for toddlers that they can actually do – painting with food colouring is genius in my opinion – check out the post for all the details on how to make your own!

  3. DIY Puffy PaintThree Kids Three Cats & A Husband

    This is a great way to get kids outside and encourage them to get creative (and I just love the dinosaur!) Toddlers will love to feel the paint and mix it and just have loads of fun with it!

  4. Make Your Own Edible PaintAll About Baby Blog

    If your toddler has a tendency to explore things by putting them straight in their mouth (let’s face it most do!) then this edible paint is a great way to paint without the worry of them eating it!

  5. Pipette PaintingSophie Pickles

    Painting using pipettes looks like so much fun!! Using water and paint to create some really fun abstract art is a fabulous toddler activity in my humble opinion!

  6. Un-chalkingHow Wee Learn

    For those days when you just can’t face the mess, this is the perfect toddler activity to keep little ones occupied at home – painting with water is a firm favourite of mine!!

  7. Paper Towel Tie DyeToddler At Play

    This one technically doesn’t use paint but it’s an awesome activity for toddlers which also helps with fine motor skills and is a whole load of fun!

  8. Fizzy Paint Apple CraftMessy Little Monsters

    The has to be one of my favourite painting activities – fizzing paint?! If you’ve not had a go at this before you need to check out this post! Painting meets really fun science with this one – toddlers will absolutely love it!

  9. Toddler Car ArtPaper Scissors Craft

    If your toddler is into cars then they will love this painting activity with toy cars – what better way to encourage mark making than with the wheels of a toy car!

  10. Toddler Flour PaintSimple Fun For Kids

    This activity is definitely a messy one but look how much it is! This is a another great one to take outside if you’re worried about the mess but check out the post and give it a go!

Fine Motor Toddler Activities At Home

Fine motor skills are really important for a toddlers development and so any time you can incorporate them into play is great for your little one

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated as you’ll see with these toddler play ideas – it’s all about creating opportunities for your child to practice using their hands and developing those all important muscles – so let’s take a look at some really great activities for toddlers at home that you can try:

Fine Motor Skills Activities for Toddlers at home
  1. Pom Pom WhiskMum’s Creative Cupboard

    This is probably one of the easiest activities on our list but it can provide a lot of fun for a young toddler! Promoting problem solving and the use of fine motor skills to prise the pom poms out of the whisk this is a really quick go to activity

  2. Book Drop ActivityHappy Toddler Playtime

    This is such a fun imaginative play idea, almost like a pretend library, and is great for little hands as they work out how to get the book into the slot and drop it in

  3. Q-Tip Watermelon SeedsOh Hey Let’s Play

    This activity is part of a whole series of watermelon activities, so be sure to check out all the others as well as this beautiful water melon cotton bud activity that is superb for fine motor skills development

  4. Foil SculpturesThe Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide

    Playing with foil is a great open ended play activity for toddlers, giving them chance to mold the foil however they like – it’s super easy to get some foil out whilst your making tea and let your little one play!

  5. Peekaboo Baby Wipe LidsActivity Mom

    There are so many ways to re-purpose a baby wipe lid and we love these ideas from the Activity Mom – lifting the flaps is a great way to encourage little ones to use there hands and hopefully they will sit opening and closing the lids whilst you have a hot cup of tea!

  6. Ribbon Box PlayLearning Through Play

    Another great simple toddler activity for developing fine motor skills – this activities for toddlers encourages them to grasp, pull and tug on the ribbon

  7. Princess RescueMum’s Creative Cupboard

    This is so easy to set up but can keep your toddler entertained for so much longer! The princesses can be swapped out for any object your little ones is interested in to create a fun toddler play idea

  8. Straw BraceletsBeary Sweet Home

    This final fine motor skills activity is a simple craft that is suited more to an older toddler as it involves threading – a great way to really practice using hands in a delicate manner

Creative Play Toddler Activities At Home

These final DIY toddler activities at home are some pretty great creative play ideas for toddlers which I love – they are all still pretty simple to set up and do (some may require a little more from you the parent or carer) but they are all super fun things to do with a toddler – so let’s take a look:Β 

50 Fun Easy Toddler Activities at Home
  1. Duplo In The BathMum’s Creative Cupboard

    Sometimes all you need to do is take an activity that your toddler already enjoys and change the setting – if you’ve never tried Duplo in the bath, or in a water tray, then I highly recommend it! There’s also lots more bath time ideas in the post too

  2. DIY Parachute PilotsNanny Gunna

    This is such a cute little make which toddlers will love I’m sure! Check out the post to see how to make your own parachutes – and I’m sure you could attach any of your little ones favourite characters for some flying fun!

  3. Teddy Bear Dress UpMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We had so much fun with this – dressing up your toddler’s teddy bear collection is a great alternative to them dressing up and it can provide a lot of fun with silly combinations!

  4. Play dough Leaf TreeMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We love nature play and play dough is a great base for lots of play activities – especially natural loose parts – you can set up a structured activity or let little ones play independently

  5. String Obstacle CourseEntertain Your Toddler

    This is a really simple gross motor activity for indoor play – toddlers will love trying to get through the maze of string – check out the post for all the info on how to set up your own indoor obstacle course for your toddler

  6. DIY Foil RiverLil Tigers

    If you’ve never tried making a foil river then this needs to be on your list of things to do with toddler – it’s really simple to set up and is a great sensory experience for little ones as they have fun with the water creating a ‘river’

  7. Play dough And Shells: SnailsMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We love collecting shells at the beach and finding new ways to play with them at home – and we love making these play dough snails with our much loved googly eyes – this is the perfect creative activity for toddlers after a day at the beach!

  8. Window Sun CatcherMama Smiles

    Using contact paper on the windows is a really fun activity – toddlers love sticking things and peeling things off and this is a really pretty activity when the sun is shining through the window!

  9. Free Nature Playdough MatsMum’s Creative Cupboard

    We love play dough mats as they are great for the imagination and are a great activity for encouraging independent play with little ones – check out this post to grab your free nature play dough mat set πŸ™‚

Enjoy 50 Awesome DIY Activities For Toddlers At Home

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