easy magna-tiles ideas
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How to make an Awesome Playground with Magnetic Tiles

I have to wonder why we didn’t get magnetic tiles years earlier! These magical little tiles have become a firm favourite in our house and I just love how much they have to offer with so many magnetic tiles play ideas to choose from.

This set of playground inspired magnetic tiles play ideas includes a playground slide, climbing frame and spinning roundabout. Each part of the magnetic playground is made using Magna-tiles and is easily recreated in this step by step guide.

One of the ways we use our magnetic tiles, is for small world play. This magnetic tile playground is perfect for little ones who love to play at the playground or park. Imaginative play is often sparked by your child’s experience of what they know, so why not help them create this familiar playground scene to encourage their imaginative play.

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easy magna-tiles ideas

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Slide Down this Awesome Magnetic Tile Slide

easy magna-tiles ideas

The above slide is made using a mixture of our Magna-Tiles Metropolis Set and a cheaper alternative that we started out with. Having tried both, I would highly recommend the Magna Tiles as they are much stronger and hold up so much better!

Magnetic Tiles Needed to Make the Slide

  • Equilateral Triangles (same size sides) x 12
  • Square Tiles x 10
  • Rectangle x 1
  • Steps x 1
  • As many people as you like!

Assembling the Slide

  1. Using 6 of the triangles, make a hexagon shape for the base
  2. Using 6 squares, place them on the outer edges of the hexagon base and lift to form the sides of the base
  3. Use the other 6 squares to create the top of the hexagon
  4. Attach 3 squares at the back of the slide to enclose, and one at the front
  5. Attach the steps on one side and the rectangle slide on the other (if you don’t have a large rectangle you could use to squares with a triangle underneath for support, and instead of steps you could use the same on the other side)

A Climbing Frame Perfect for Magnetic Tiles People!

easy magna-tiles ideas

This climbing frame was so much fun to make and play with because the magnetic people could actually climb it with their magnetic feet!

Magnetic Tiles Need for the Climbing Frame

  • Window tiles x 4
  • Tall Triangles  2
  • 1 Large 4 x 4 Square Tile

Assembling the Climbing Frame

  1. Use the two tall triangles to stand up the large square
  2. Place 2 of the window tiles along the bottom front
  3. Place the final 2 tiles on top to finish of your climbing frame!

Spin around in this Magnetic Tiles Roundabout!

easy magna-tiles ideas

We had lots of fun experiment with our magnetic tiles roundabout. We tried a few different combinations and found this to be the easiest to spin!

What Magnetic Tiles You’ll Need to Create a Spinning Roundabout

  • Square tiles x 3
  • Equilateral triangles (same size sides) x 10
  • Right-angled triangles x 2
  • Spinning Square x 1

Making the Magna-tiles Roundabout

  1. Place the spinning square in the middle and place a square tile either side
  2. Place 5 triangles at the front as shown, and 5 at the back
  3. Attach a square at the back upright and support it with the two right-angled triangles

Encourage Small World Play with Magnetic Tiles Play Ideas

These magnetic tiles play ideas are easy to put together but can provide another way to engage in small world play. Encourage your child to have a go at making their own playground and perhaps suggest combining toys they already have to extend the play.

Before you go, be sure to print off the quick pdf guide below, so that you have it to hand and can just print and play!

Free Printable Magnetic Tiles Playground Guide

Enjoy getting creative with your own magnetic tiles play ideas!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x