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Make a Sparkler Craft Just for Toddlers

I love sparklers, they are just magical. But I also know the risks that go with sparklers around little ones. So why not try an alternative sparkler that is safe for toddlers to wave around as much as they like!

Make a sparkler craft that is perfect for toddlers who just want to be part of the sparkler fun! Using really affordable items, I will show you how to make 3 super easy sparklers that your little one can wave around to their heart’s content in a safe way.

If your little one just wants to put everything in their mouth, then I have a really fun bonus edible option too! You don’t even have to ‘make’ this one 😜

Make a Sparkler Craft using a cheap Pool Noodle!

Pool Noodle Sparkler Know How

What you’ll need to make this super safe firework sparkler at home for your toddler:

  • Pool Noodle (with a hole through if you can get one, but not essential as it’s easy to make a hole)

  • Tinsel (the options are endless and makes this a super fun craft!)

  • Duct Tape (this is optional for decoration – the pool noodle we had was green and we wanted to make it resemble more of a grey sparkler colour – but your toddler won’t know either way!)

This is another super simple craft that takes minutes to make!

Pool Noodle
If your pool noddle doesn’t have a hollow middle then you will first need to make a hole that is deep enough to pack your tinsel. I used a drill to do this but you could easily use a pencil to carve a small hole, the noodle is soft and easy to work with. you also need to cut it to the length you want – although there’s nothing to say you can’t have a full length sparkler (there are no rules here!)

I picked up some cheap tinsel that had stars attached to it for extra sparkle. You might be able to dig some out of your Christmas boxes – it depends on how accessible yours are! The thought of getting these out of storage was just too daunting for me for just one piece of tinsel 😆

Duct Tape
Starting at an angle tape your noodle going up to the top in a spiral pattern – you can either leave it like we did, or you could tape over again to completely cover the noodle (like I said, your toddler won’t be bothered if you do this or not this is really just decoration for you!!)

Sparkler Options
All that’s left to do is stuff your tinsel in the top of the noodle – for the first one I cut strips of tinsel and stuffed them in to hang over to look like a fizzing sparkler – I then had some left over so I made another and just put one long piece of tinsel in and my daughter loved waving around in the air making patterns! So maybe try both and see which one your little one prefers!

So that’s the first one, now let’s make a sparkler craft that’s edible and very moreish!

Make a Yummy Sparkler!

Yummy Sparklers for Toddlers

What you need to make these yummy sparklers at home for your toddler:

  • Bread Sticks (any edible bread stick would work – go with what your toddler likes)

  • Chocolate (Milk, White or Dark – again down to preference. If you’re little one doesn’t really have too much chocolate you could try some alternatives which we’ll cover in a moment)

  • Sprinkles (We used some golden crunch sprinkles we had left over from a baking afternoon, there are alternatives listed below too)

This is a make that your little one can really get stuck into (quite literally) with you! It’s not a new idea, I’ve seen these about for years – they are very popular and if you’ve not tried them then you should do it today!

Making your Sparklers Sticky
The first thing you need to do is make the top part of your bread stick sticky! This is so that we can roll or cover it in a moment.

To do this, you could:

  • Melt chocolate (this is what we did)

  • Use a spread like Nutella
  • Try using yoghurt as an alternative to chocolate

  • Give spreadable cheese a go!

  • Hummous would work well too!

Making the Sparklers Sparkly!

Now you have a sticky sparkler, you are ready to add your decoration – again this is completely up to you, here are some ideas:


  • Baking Sprinkles which you can scatter over the top (I found it best to do this while the bread sticks are up right in a tall glass)

  • Sweetcorn (this makes a lovely bright sparkler!)

  • Breadcrumbs (anything crumbled that is safe for your little one to eat)


If not eating these straight away then pop in the fridge to set any chocolate and enjoy!

Including Toddlers in the Sparkler Fun

This is a great way to include your little one in grown up activities at home in a safe way – craft is often a great way to connect with your little one – if you’d like another firework activity that is designed just with your toddler or preschooler in mind then check out this Firework Sensory Tray:

Bonus Fun Sparkler!

If you are looking for THE most simple sparkler for your toddler… then look no further than the humble Cheese String! It’s like they were destined to be sparklers 🤪 You’re welcome!

How to Make a Sparkler Craft just for little ones recap:

All of these crafts are super quick and easy, safe for toddlers (with supervision obviously), and a great way to include little ones in the celebration!

  • Make a Pool Noodle Sparkler with some sparkly tinsel to wave around

  • Make some edible bread stick sparklers with chocolate or a healthier alternative

  • Keep it really simple and just hand your child a ready made cheese string sparkler!!

Enjoy the celebrations and have fun whichever sparklers you choose to make!

Louisa |  Mum’s creative Cupboard x