It's here.

Ready made play in a box for you and your preschooler!

Don’t worry about the prep, we’ve got you covered!

It's here.

Ready made play in a box for you and your preschooler!

Don’t worry about the prep, we’ve got you covered!

Are you busy trying to juggle all the things?

Let me create you some awesome play to engage your preschooler!

Do you hate the prep involved with play?

Let me make it easier with everything you need delivered straight to your door!

Do you worry that your child is not learning as they play?

Let me bring learning to life through play, with fun educational activities!

You could just carry on scouring the internet for play ideas that you don't have any materials for..

You know.. that all too familiar Pinterest rabbit hole, where you’re no closer to finding an activity than when you started!

Play is your child's window to the world

Play is so much more than play.

Play in the early years forms and shapes the people we become.

A child’s brain develops at a rapid rate in the early years, laying the foundation for future learning.

Research by the Lego foundation in conjunction with institutions such as Harvard University, has shown that play is critical in developing life-long skills.

In bringing life to play, you bring learning to life!

It is in playing that we discover our likes and dislikes ~ It is where we first learn to communicate

Play allows us to imagine and to create ~ It is the way in which we first learn almost everything

Introducing :

My Little Play Box

A preschool play box delivered straight to your door, so you can save time on the prep and get straight to the play!

A preschool play box (ages 3-5) delivered straight to your door, so you can save time on the prep and get straight to the play!

Here's what you can expect:

Adult Activity Guide

Everything you need to know about the activities in a simple easy to read guide so you can get stuck in right away!

Easy Preschool Crafts

Help your child create with independence (and maybe even have a hot cup of coffee!)

5+ Crafts & Activities

Allowing you to cut down on the prep time, and remove that barrier to playful activities at home

Everything in One Box

No need to pop to the shops to pick up a last minute craft item, everything you need is packed in your box for you!

A mixture of play styles

So you can discover more of how your child likes to play, making it more engaging play in the future!

Playful learning ideas

Your child can enjoy learning new skills through play, without even realising that they are learning!

How does it work?

Purchase Your Box

Purchase your box at the checkout (be quick as we only have limited stock of each box)!

We Deliver To Your Door

We will get it delivered to you at the beginning of that month!

Play, Play, Play!

When it arrives you can get stuck in and play straight away!


What others are saying..

What You Get:


My Little Box Of Play
£ 19.99 One Payment

consider this;

You could spend the money on filling their bedroom or playroom with the latest toys that they’ll probably outgrow in a matter of months, or more generic curriculum books that don’t quite meet your child where they’re at..


You could invest in play that will engage and occupy your preschooler without worrying about the prep or the time to go out and find something they’ll love!

As Seen On..

And just who am I?

I’m Louisa, and I work with time-stretched mums who struggle to find play activities perfect for their preschooler !

I create step-by-step simple play that can be played straight out of the box! I know hard it can be to find to find time to get everything you need together, when really you just want to spend the time playing, and that’s why I created ‘My Little Box of Play’ – Preschool play you can rely on 🙂

With 3 years running a toddler group under my belt, and a qualification in Early Years Foundation Stage, I have been playing and creating with little ones (including my own 2 crazy kids!) for years, and now I empower mums to do the same, in a simple but effective way!

It’s time to stop going down the Pinterest rabbit hole of play

When instead you could go straight to the creator!

Yes, you could carry on scrolling and piece together a play activity based on what you’ve pinned. But it takes time;

  • > Time to find an idea (plus the extra time dodging those pretty Pinterest distractions!)


  • > Time to relocate the idea when you can’t remember where you saved it (I’ve been there so many times!)


  • > Time to buy the materials you’ll need to put it together


  • > Time to work out how to do it for yourself first


  • > And then it’s finally time to set up and play! (literally the only part I can’t help you with!)

And that's just for one activity!

My Little Box of Play is designed to save you time, and help your child flourish through play!

The years fly by, and before you know it your little one is not so little anymore. Don’t waste another moment doing it the hard way! I would literally love nothing more than to create some awesome play with you today!

Be quick though, we only stock a limited number of boxes each month!