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Extra Easy Crafts: How to Make a Paper Plate Pizza Craft for Kids

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I love this craft because it’s super easy to put together and its super fun to make!

This is great even for the very little ones – sticking and gluing is a great activity for children to explore and is so much fun –ย  and it doesn’t matter how you do it it will look awesome!

You can even finish off with a box for your pizza or slice of pizza – You could could take it a step further and set up a little pizza shop and ask family members to choose their toppings and create lots of different slices of pizza ๐Ÿ™‚ The option are endless – the key is to have fun with it!

mini pizza box printable for kids

How To Make Your Pizza Base

  • Paper Plates – Paper plates make a great ready made pizza base all ready for decoration – decide whether you are going to do a whole pizza or just decorate a slice – this depends on how many plates and how many children you have! (This was a popular craft at our toddler group and so we cut up slices for each child to have a go at making)

  • Beige/Light Brown Paint – This paint will make the base of the pizza and give it a ‘bready’ colour..if you don’t have something like this though could leave it white or use red paint instead for the tomato base all over

  • Darker Brow Paint – You want a colour that is darker for your crust – you can make it thicker or thinner depending on whether you are going for a deep pan (which paper plates lend themselves well to..) or you can have a think Italian crust!

    (You may decided to do this in advance if you want to get straight to the pizza toppings as they need a little time to dry)

  • Red fluff from a pom pom / or red paint – This is a very technical craft item which I discovered when I realised I had no red wool! I cut up a large red pom pom, and found that I was able to cover the entire base of my pizza with the ‘fluff’ – alternatively you could paint red splodges all over or use anything you like that is red really!

  • Yellow tissue paper – For the cheese I cut up a small strips of yellow tissue paper which can be sprinkled on once you have squeezed a load of glue on top of your fluff!

The Pizza Toppings (the really fun bit!)

The next bit is my favourite – adding all the toppings!

This is what we used, but literally anything goes!

Pepperoni – A selection of red buttons and red foam circles

Ham – Pink pieces of craft foam

Red onions – Purple pipe cleaners twisted into small circles

Pineapple – Yellow craft foam cut into pineapple chunk shapes

Rocket/lettuce/spinach – We used a mixture of green feathers and some holly shaped felt we had leftover from a Christmas craft!

Fill your pizza with whatever you fancy – I put on a whole load of stuff – in fact I put every single topping on mine!

Put each topping in a bowl and talk about what the toppings might be. Ask which one is their favourite too. We used the above toppings but as I said you can literally use anything, so here is a list of ideas of what you could use and what for:

– Elastic bands in red, green or yellow would work really well for peppers

Mushrooms – Cut out cardboard into mushroom shapes and colour as neededย 

Chilli – Use small pom poms or a small piece of red card (not too much or you’ll have a very spicy pizza!)

Salami – Pieces of felt would work great for this cut into circle slices

Sausage – thick cardboard circles coloured brown would make great sausage slices

Olives – Pom poms would make great black or green olives

Bacon – Some thin paper curled up slightly would work well for crispy bacon with some dark pink streaks for effect

Extra Cheese – Yellow wool, tissue paper anything that you can sprinkle on top. May I even dare to suggest yellow glitter or gold would be a fantastic way to finish off the pizza, ’cause we all know I love a reason to involve glitter somehow!

Have a go and see what creative pizzas you can come up with using whatever you have around the home!

Time for a Slice of Pizza

So there you have it!

Your pizza or pizza slice all ready to go.

You could carry on making pizzas as I suggested earlier, creating them especially for people depending on what toppings they like – this is a great way for little ones to think about their colours as you describe what each topping is and what it looks like.

We used a smaller paper plate and so we cut a piece out and then we put it in our homemade pizza box – when cutting yours out don’t forget to cut out the little semi circle at the bottom – this will help you open the box ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve made a giant pizza then you could have a go at making a bigger pizza box with a cereal box or even a frozen pizza box!

paper plate pizza craft for kids

Box it up!

So there you have it – This craft is super easy to do and the beauty of it is, no matter what you put on your pizza it’ll look great!

Don’t forget to print off your very own mini pizza box – there is a blank option so that you can create your own pizza logo and design on top if you so wish!

I’d love to see your pizzas – do share your creations with me on Instagram with the hashtag #mycraftypizza but most importantly have loads of fun with it!

Louisa x

Free Mini Pizza Box Template Download

Fancy making your own Mini Pizza Box?

This free download has two A4 templates including a blank box so you can choose to add your own design if you wish!

Sign Up Below to get yours now ๐Ÿ™‚