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Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages For Kids

Colouring is such an important part of growing up. Technology has come such a long way, but there’s something so refreshing about coloring pages that makes us come back to them over an over. My kids love to colour anything, especially a good rainbow coloring page!

These free rainbow coloring pages are PDFs ready to be printed out for lots of rainbow coloring. They feature sun and cloud characters, along with a unicorn who goes by the name of Penelope!

If you are looking for free printable rainbow coloring pages for your kids then these are perfect! You’ll find something for everyone in this free printable pack!

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Page Downloads

Rainbows & Unicorns Coloring Sheets

Download your free rainbow coloring page collection here – this pack includes 10 rainbow coloring sheets and a bonus sheet outlining the colours of the rainbow – perfect for learning colours with little ones!

Rainy Day Rainbow Coloring Pages

These Rainbow Coloring Pages are ironically perfect for a rainy day activity! Showing the rain clouds and the sun with the rainbow encourages children to think about where the rainbow comes from and appreciate how they are made.

As well as colouring, you could also have a go at making these into a craft activity using tissue paper or anything that you can stick on to the printable sheet.

If you want some more ideas for rainbow printables then have a look at this post packed full of Rainbow Activities for Toddlers with printable templates.

Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Pages Printable

Rainbows and Unicorns go hand in hand! These fun and playful rainbow coloring sheets are great for kids who love unicorns with a little more detail for older children. If you are looking for a simple unicorn rainbow coloring pages printable then this pack is just for you!

These printable rainbows with unicorns would make a great party activity or place-mat to keep kids entertained at the table!

Sun & Cloud Printable Rainbows

These sun and cloud printable rainbows are fun and whimsical with the sun going down a rainbow slide! These rainbow colouring pages would make great book covers or just make for a fun afternoon of colouring!

Colouring is a great way to calm children and is a great wind-down activity – why not have a go at using these friendly printable characters to enagage your child.

Colours of the Rainbow

colours of the rainbow

Rainbow colouring pages are a great way to introduce toddlers and preschoolers to colours.  Using the printable rainbow color sheet you can work on color recognition with little ones and teach them the order of the colours in the rainbow.

If you’d like to have a look at some more colour recognition activities that you can do at home, then take a look at this post all about Colour Sorting For Toddlers

Colour Recognition in the Rainbow

Why not have a go at making your own rhyme to remember the colours of the rainbow?

Growing up I was taught ‘Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain’ but I’m sure there’s easier ones for little ones to remember!

How about this one I made up:

Rainbows Over Your Garden Bring In Vegetables!

It might catch on you never know… Have fun having a go making your own rainbow rhymes!

Benefits of Coloring Pages

The benefits of colouring pages for kids are numerous! Here are some of the main learning benefits that your child can gain from colouring:

Learning Colours with Rainbow Pages

Using a rainbow colouring sheet can really help engage children in colour recognition in a fun and simple way. Discuss the colour with your child (you could use the rainbow colour sheet above)

Developing Fine Motor Skills with Coloring

Using colours to make marks on paper is a great way for children to keep developing fine motor skills. Don’t worry if your child is not ‘colouring’ this is normal, just give them opportunity to hold a crayon and have a go

Using Coloring a Coloring Page as a Calm Down Activity

Another great benefit of colouring pages is that they are soothing and relaxing. If you want a way to calm your child down at the end of the day, or create a gentle start to the day, then these are perfect. They are nice and simple rainbow coloring pages meaning your child can focus easily and not be overwhelmed.

Printable Rainbow Coloring Page

That is all you need to know about how your child can benefit from these awesome rainbow coloring pages!

Rainbow coloring pages are perfect for every day activities for little ones offering all these benefits:

  • Lots of opportunities for mark making / colouring
  • A great calm down activity
  • Learn colours through a fun activity
  • Fun way to occupy kids at the table
  • A super easy go-to-activity

Have fun colouring with your little ones, or have a go yourself!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x

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