Preschool Rainbow Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers
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Rainbow Crafts for Toddlers at Home with quick and easy Templates

Who doesn’t love an easy rainbow craft for toddlers?

Are you looking specifically for rainbow crafts for toddlers and preschoolers?

Painting rainbows with toddlers and preschoolers is so much fun and it’s amazing to watch their faces light up as they see the rainbow colours come together!

I’m going to take you through 7 easy rainbow craft for toddlers ideas – and to make things super easy for you, I’ve even got the printable rainbow craft template pack that I used – free to download so you can just dive straight in to these rainbow crafts for toddlers!

Free Printable Rainbow Craft Template Pack

Rainbow Craft Template - Tissue Paper

This is a super easy (and less messy) rainbow craft using coloured tissue paper and cotton wool to create some fluffy clouds – screwing up the balls of tissue paper is great for helping little ones work on those fine motor skills – if you want some more simple ideas for Fine Motor Skills check out this Ultimate Guide to Fine Motor Activities


  • Print out rainbow

  • Tissue Paper

  • Cotton Wool Balls

  • Glue Stick

How to:

  • Scrunch up tissue paper into small balls

  • Glue down with PVA or using a glue stick

  • Glue cotton wool down on clouds


  • Use squares of tissue paper instead

  • Write names on clouds instead of using cotton wool

  • Paint or colour the Rainbow

Rainbow Craft Template - Stickers

This is another fab easy rainbow craft for toddlers that really works on fine motor skills and colour coordination – for lots more colour sorting activities check out this post for some awesome colour sorting ideas


  • Printed dotty rainbow

  • Coloured sticker sheet

How to:

  • Use stickers to fill in the gaps in the rainbow


  • Use finger paints to go over the gaps

  • Use pom poms for a fun effect

Rainbow Butterfly Printing - Symmetry

I remember making these as a child and it’s so fun to watch the colours merge together as you fold the paper  over – it’s also a great introduction to symmetry 


  • Printed Butterfly template

  • Coloured paints

  • Brush or dabber to paint with


How to:

  • Fold paper in half down the middle of the butterfly

  • Paint one side of the butterfly with blobs of paint

  • Fold over and squish paint down

  • Open up to reveal a beautiful butterfly!

  • Colour the body to finish off



  • Use cotton wool balls to paint with

  • This could be done without template for a more abstract artwork

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Process Art Painting

If you’ve never had a go at bubble wrap painting, then I highly recommend you give it a go! It contains the mess but makes some great sensory art, and it’s great for babies too!


  • White Paper or Card

  • Bubble Wrap (a bubble wrap envelope would be great for this!)

  • Coloured paints

How to:

  • Place a sheet of paper or card between two pieces of bubble wrap (making sure they are larger than the sheet so that any excess paint doesn’t leak out)

  • Lift top piece of bubble wrap off and put big blobs of paint on the card however you would like

  • Place bubble wrap on top of card and have fun squishing the paint and making some beautiful art work!


  • You could use tape all around the edges to make this mess free (if you want to keep the painting be sure to remove the card before the bubble wrap dries on to the card!)

Rainbow Hearts Stained Glass Window Craft

This is a beautiful rainbow craft – it requires a little more skill and so is more suited to slightly older children but with the help of an adult this craft is fun for even little ones – and they look gorgeous in the window with the light shining through


  • Heart template

  • Black Card

  • Coloured Tissue Paper

  • Glue stick

How to:

  • Cut out x 2 black hearts outline in card

  • Cut strips of coloured tissue paper

  • Lay out tissue paper over heart – slightly overlapping

  • Trim edges so no tissue paper can be seen

  • Glue down the tissue paper and then stick the 2nd black heart outline on the back to finish off

  • Stick in a window and watch the sun shone through your beautiful heart!


  • Make your own black outline shapes

  • Try criss crossing tissue paper to make a different effect

Playdough Mat Printable Rainbow Template For Toddlers

We love how many things you can do with play dough and this colour recognition rainbow template for toddlers is a great activity both for fine motor skills, colour sorting and being creative! For lots more play dough ideas, check out this post with tons of Playdough Activity Ideas


  • Printed playdough mat (laminate if possible to re-use)
  • Coloured playdough

How to:

  • Use playdough to match up the colours on the printed rainbow template for toddlers


  • Use cutters to make different shapes to put on the rainbow
  • Stick coloured objects (any loose parts such as buttons, bricks, coloured pasta etc)  into the playdough

Rainbow Craft Sponge Painting Fun

This is such an easy rainbow crafts for toddlers idea that is super effective – and whats more you only need a sponge and some paint to create some beautiful toddler artwork with this great process art activity


  • White paper or card

  • Sponge

  • Coloured paints

How to:

  • Apply small blobs of paint to sponge in a  rainbow sequence

  • Gently stroke the sponge from one side of paper to the other in whatever rainbow shape you desire


  • You could make a rainbow border on a page

  • You could repeat the patter over and over

  • Get a roll of paper or lining paper and make one very long rainbow track!

7 Easy Rainbow Crafts For Toddlers Recap

preschool rainbow crafts
  1. Create a tissue paper rainbow (great for fine motor skills)

  2. Match the stickers on the rainbow (great for hand eye co-ordination)

  3. Make a rainbow butterfly (and introduce the idea of symmetry)

  4. Rainbow bubble wrap painting (this one is a great sensory activity for little ones)

  5. Window rainbow craft heart (beautiful sun catchers in the window)

  6. Playdough Rainbow (great for both fine motor skills and colour matching)

  7. Rainbow Sponge Art (this is a great process art activity for little ones)



Be sure to download your free printable download now and have fun making some awesome rainbows with your little ones!

Happy Crafting!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard

Free Printable Rainbow Craft Template Pack