fireworks craft for preschoolers
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Sparkly Sensory Firework Activity Craft For Toddlers

Fireworks are something my daughter loves and my son hates! So we are always looking for ways to make Bonfire night and New Years Eve fun for both of them, and craft activities makes this possible.

Make fireworks fun for everyone with this sensory firework activity tray for mark making with black glittered salt on a simple glittered printed base!

This firework sensory tray is great for toddlers and preschoolers with lots of ways to extend playful learning too. Mark making is an important part of your child’s development and is adaptable to your child and their interests.

How to make your Sensory Firework Craft Activity Tray

This sensory tray is really simple to put together and can be used over and over again once made. It does require some preparation before you can play but it is worth the little bit of prep for sensory play you can use multiple times.

What you’ll need:

  • Salt – enough to fill an A4 tray with a thin layer of salt

  • Black paint – I used a cheap water based paint as I knew that it would take quite a bit to get the rice nice and dark

  • Printed Glitter Base – You need something bright and colourful in the base of your tray to create the firework effect – you can download the free printable below!

  • Shallow Tray – For this sensory activity we used the lid of an A4 box which worked perfectly. You could also use a baking tray (the disposable foil ones are great for this)

Making Black Sensory Salt

fireworks craft for preschoolers

To create a dark night sky for your fireworks, you need a dark base for your sensory tray.

We love using salt for mark making as it is easy to move around and make marks with. We dyed some salt black for this activity but you could use rice or sand for a similar effect.

In a bowl mix enough salt to cover the base of your tray, with a good dollop of black paint
(There really are no specifics when it comes to dying foods for play, just keep adding until you get the colour you want)

Don’t worry if the salt is now sand like with all the  wet paint, it will dry and return to it’s normal consistency.

Once fully combined, tip out onto a baking tray lined with kitchen towel to help absorb the moisture and dry out (If you are able to leave it somewhere warm, this will speed up the process a lot!)

Once the rice is dry you are ready to start putting together your sensory firework activity craft tray!

Optional: For added night sky sparkle add some black glitter!

Create a Glittery Base for Explosive Fireworks!

To make the fireworks in your sensory tray really pop, then you will need to have a bright and sparkly background!

I have created a couple of  different options that you can simply print off, laminate and pop in the base of your tray to instantly bring your sensory firework activity to life! (If you don’t have a laminator this isn’t essential it just makes it smoother and easier to keep for reuse)

Printable Firework Sensory Tray Base

These printable sheets are designed to be used in the base of a sensory tray filled with salt or similar to create fireworks that pop! Download yours for free today 🙂

    Preschool sensory tray printables

    Ready, steady and sparkle! Putting together your Tray!

    Printable Fireworks Craft Activity for toddlers

    Now that you have your newly made black salt and your bright sparkly background it’s time to put it together!

    Place your laminated sheet in the base (if it is slightly smaller than your tray then simply stick it down with some tape so that it doesn’t move around underneath.

    Add your black salt on top – be careful not to add too much as this will make it difficult to see what’s underneath!

    And then get making some beautiful fireworks with your little ones!

    This would also be great for practicing writing numbers or letters. You could use this as a name recognition activity too!

    Firework Fun for Everyone with this Firework Activity Sensory Tray!

    Whether you love or hate fireworks – this is a beautiful way to enjoy the at home 🙂

    Why not give this sensory tray a go and let me know how you get on with your toddler or preschooler!

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    fireworks craft for preschoolers

    It’s so easy and here’s a quick recap of what you need:

    • A4 Tray (or similar size)

    • Black salt (recipe above)

    • Sparkly Background (Get the printable above)

    Have fun making fireworks with your little ones!

    And if you liked this activity, then be sure to check out this post with more mini sensory tray ideas for little ones!

    Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x