space helmet craft for teddy bears
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Space Craft For Toddlers : How to Make a Space Helmet for Your Teddy!

The idea of going into space and discovering new planets is something that appeals to a lot of little ones – floating around in a super cool outfit surrounded by stars and planets sounds awesome to me too!

We decided it would be fun to have out teddy bear go into space with their very own space helmet, so we got crafting!

This space craft for toddlers is the perfect way to engage your little one in some simple pretend play by sending their teddy bear into space with their very own space helmet! It’s super simple made with a tissue box and some foil!

This is a fun craft to make with your toddler (lots of easy sticking), but if they are just interested in the play then you may want to make it in advance for them and set up as an invitation to play – it just depends on your little one 🙂

Space Helmet Craft Supplies

This is a really super easy space craft for toddlers and this is all you’ll need to get making:

  • Square Tissue Box (with the cut out for the tissues)
  • Foil
  • Glue Stick
  • 3 Buttons
  • Pipe cleaner (Black)
  • 2 Large Lids
  • Double sided Sticky Tape

How To Make A Space Helmet With A Tissue Box

Let’s walk through how to make this astronaut helmet space craft for toddlers step by step:

1. Prepare Your Tissue Box For Travel!

tissue box craft

Cut off the base of the box so that your child’s teddy can fit inside (you may nee a bigger tissue box if your child wants to use a bigger teddy!

Tape down any loose flaps inside and remove any plastic from the tissue box opening.

2. Space it up with some Tin Foil!

foil space helmet sticky glue

Cover your box in tin foil pieces! We used small pieces and a glue stick to cover – you could use double sided sticky tape it you want but you may have lots of lose bits of foil.

3. Make Sure The Toy Fits in the Space Helmet

astronaut space helmet for kids

Depending on the size of your little’s teddy head you may want to cut the opening to make a little larger or wider – enough so that you can see the whole head through the gap

4. Create Some Space Helmet Buttons

space craft buttons

I’m not sure what the buttons do (that’s up to your child’s imagination!) but cover them in foil and you have yourself some spacey buttons!!

5. Create a microphone for Space Communication

space craft helmet for toddles

Using a black pipe cleaner, twist together with a loop at the end for the microphone part and tape to the inside of the space helmet so that you can stay in contact with your space traveller at all times!

6. Add Extra Space Parts!

To add a bit more to this space craft for toddlers with some foil covered lids… these are gracy lids! I covered them and then attached them to the sides of the helmet for a spacey look… 🙂

7. Your Astronaut Is Ready For Take Off!

And that’s it, you have a space teddy ready for space play – dramatic space play ideas to tray at home or at preschool!

Why not make a few different ones and have a whole host of teddy bear astronauts!

Have fun with Space Dramatic Play at Home!

space helmet foil craft

This space craft for toddlers makes a great invitation to play for a space dramatic play theme or just as a stand alone project for little ones! If you want more ideas on how to use teddy bears for pretend play then checkout this most on Pretend Play Ideas for Teddy Bears

Have a great time crafting with your little ones and don’t forget to save this ideas for later on your Pinterest!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x