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Supertato Activities. The One With The Evil Pea.

The story of Supertato and the Evil Pea is one that many children love, including my own. So we decided to create some sensory play Supertato activities to bring the story to life!

With Supertato trying to save all of his vegetable friends from the evil pea, we couldn’t think of a better way to play than with a tray full of peas!

Peas are a great resource because they’re relatively inexpensive and they are safe to eat for little people who like to put everything in their mouth! If you leave them to dry out they can be used in crafts too so there’s no need for any waste!


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Supertato Activity Supplies

  • The Supertato Book – I’m guessing if you’re here that you already have the book and are familiar with the story – not many people are searching for evil pea activities that I know of… 😆

  • A deep tray – We used our tray from Inspire My Play as it really helps to keep it all contained! But any tray will work, a baking tray would be a great option.

  • Black and orange card – you can just use whatever card you have really and colour it in to make the extra bits!

  • Peas – Lots and lots of peas! We used frozen peas as it was a hot day when we did this activity and it helped to cool everyone down (you may need to defrost the peas a little first so they’re not too cold for little hands)

  • Large Googley Eyes – Paper and card will work well too although be prepared for them to get super soggy 😂

And that’s it, I mean you could just go with the peas and a saucepan if you want to keep things really simple! 

The Creation Of The Evil pea

  • We began our Supertato activity by recreating the evil pea in a large way – we used a bowl to shape the peas by putting it upside down and shoving peas inside it – yep, it’s as sophisticated as it sounds!!

  • Once you’ve got a round(ish) shape for the body add a few peas for arms and legs – let your little ones have fun making the shape based don’t he picture on the book – it’s harder than it looks and they’ll have fun pushing the peas around whilst doing it!

  • Cut a black strip of card for the eye mask and cut out a black mouth too. Using the orange card create a small cape and then stick your google eyes on top!

  • When we first made this we hadn’t planned on getting too wet at this point, else we would have laminated the card – but the worst thing that happens is you end up with soggy card so I wouldn’t worry too much!


And now you have a very green (and cold if you used frozen peas!) evil pea to play with! (I must admit it was hard for me to do the next bit but we couldn’t just keep a pile of peas no matter how pretty it looked!)

The Evil Pea Meets Red Jelly!

Okay so we didn’t actually make jelly (although that would be another great sensory adventure!)

We used some red food colouring in some water and poured it all over the evil pea (You can see the video HERE)

Then we simple added in lots of kitchen items to play with!

We used:

  • A set of funnels
  • A seive
  • Some egg cups
  • A potato masher
  • a plastic test tube (it had Christmas baking bits in!)
  • Bottle caps


As always use whatever you have to hand – these are just things I grabbed from the kitchen cupboards on the day.

And have fun pouring, squishing, collecting and just generally having fun!

This would be great ina  large tuff tray outside, or as an activity to occupy little ones whilst you’re making tea in a high chair!


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Have fun recreating the story of Supertato with this fun activity and let us know if you have any other great ideas for this story – I’d love to hear them!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x