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Super Easy Toddler Easter Egg Hunt with Printables

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Easter is going to be a little bit different this year….!

Easter will not be shared with wider families… but it will be an intimate Easter!

Easter egg hunts will not be held in our communities…But back garden easter egg hunts are so much fun!

Churches and communities will not be celebrating together in the usual way…But thanks to awesome technology we can connect from our sofas in our pyjamas if we so desire 🙂

Easter fun and games will not be had at your toddler group…But that doesn’t stop you from creating some Easter fun at home!

Easter Crafts for the family

13. Paper Plate Baskets

1. Paper Plate Bunnies

If you’ve got some paper plates lying around the house then this is a super fun and easy craft 

  • Turn your white paper plate upside down

  • Draw eyes (or use googly ones) and a mouth

  • Stick a pink pom pom on for a nose and use some wool for whiskers

  • Cut out to ear shapes from another paper plate and colour the insides of the ears pink before sticking to the plate

2. Cotton Wool chick picture

This is another super easy craft either on paper or on a paper plate

  • Cut our a circle for the chicks body (or use a paper plate)

  • Cover the circle with PVA glue and stick cotton wool balls all over

  • Paint the Cotton wool yellow all over

  • Cut out an orange triangle for a beak

  • Use big googly eyes (yes I’m obsessed with them!) Or cut out paper ones to stick on the cotton wool

  • This is really effective just as it is but if you wanted to take this a step further by added feet, wings and any other features you like!

3. Shredded paper chick plate

Another way to make a really cute chick is with shredded yellow paper

  • Again use a circle of paper or paper plate

  • Cover the plate in PVA and stick the shredded paper to it

  • Apply features the same as above for the cotton wool chick

4. Egg Box Baskets

If like many others you haven’t been able to venture out and collect Easter goodies then you may find yourself without an Easter Basket to collect eggs in for your hunt – here is a fun one to collect smaller eggs

  • Cut the top of an egg box

  • Paint and decorate the box however you like (this could be an activity for your child in the run-up to Easter Sunday)

  • Cut a strip of card long enough for a handle and decorate to match your egg box

  • Staple your handle either side of the egg box (for extra strength make two handles and criss-cross them)


5. Dotty Cotton Bud Painting Eggs

This is a lovely craft for developing those fine motor skills:

  • Cut out an egg-shaped piece of card or paper (the back of a cereal box is perfect for this if you don’t have any card)

  • Choose a selection of paints and put them in different pots and to each pot add a cotton bud

  • Cover the cutout Easter Egg with dots for a pretty Easter craft

6. Finger Print Easter cards

This is another lovely paint activity for some lovely cards to send to loved ones and neighbours!

  • Fold a piece of card in half lengthways to create a small card

  • On a separate piece of card let your child do some yellow fingerprinting

  • Cut a small square around a few of the fingerprints when dry

  • Draw on an orange beak and black feet for a fun easter fingerprint chick!

  • Stick the squares on to the front of the card with a Happy Easter message 🙂

7. Painting Boiled Eggs

If you have older children, blowing eggs through a small hole is a great way to make a hollow egg to paint – however for toddlers it wouldn’t last long before it got smashed sow why not try boiling an egg to paint 🙂


8. Easter Egg Bonnets or Hats

Our toddler group always had an Easter bonnet competition which the kids loved (although I think the mums loved it even more!!) – You might not be able to get hold of an Easter Bonnet to decorate this year but there’s no reason you can’t decorate a sun hat or a woolly hat if you so desire!! You never know it might be the latest trend!

9. Wax painting Eggs

As a kid I used to love doing wax paintings, it’s really fun and easy to do, here’s how:

  • Draw an egg outline in pencil (don’t use a sharpie or felt tip as this will run when it gets wet – my first attempt ended up a not so nice murky grey!)

  • Use a candle or white wax crayon to draw a pattern on your egg (older children can do this themselves, or you can do this part for younger ones)

  • Water down some paint and wash it over the egg – your wax will come through leaving you with a lovely pastel patterned egg – you can then cut this out and it could be used to stick on a card or in your window 🙂


10. Pine cone decorations

On our daily exercise walk the other evening we came across loads of pinecones and we decided to collect them up for a painting project!

  • Mix together some pastel shades of paint (we only had bright colours so we just added a dollop of white to each)

  • Paint your pine cones all over (a thin paintbrush may be required to get into the grooves)

  • When your pine cones are touch dry, for an extra special touch, add some PVA glue to the sticky out bits of the pinecone and sprinkle with glitter!

  • Once done you can either add some invisible thread or pale coloured cotton or ribbon to hang up your decorations or you could add them to a bowl for a lovely centrepiece for your dinner table 🙂

11. Cut out Egg Decorations

If you want to hang some eggs up around your house or on a tree outside then why not use the free printable eggs included in this blog post – colour your own or print out some ready-made ones 🙂 Punch a hole at the top and thread cotton or string to hang up your eggs (laminate them if hanging outside to protect them from the rain!)


12. Stained Glass Window Egg

This is a super fun craft for toddlers who love sticking!

  • Cut out the middle of a piece of card (bigger than the egg you want to create)

  • Cover the space with sellotape from end to end of the card

  • Turn upside down

  • Cut squares of tissue paper and let your little one stick them on to the tape

  • Once they are done cover the other side with tape too so that all of the tissue paper is covered

  • Now cut out an Easter egg shape and you have a laminated effect easter egg that the light will shine through when you hang it in the window 🙂



13. Paper Plate Baskets


This is another idea for collecting your cut out Easter eggs in:

  • Cut two paper plates in half

  • Stick the edges together, leaving the top open

  • Cut the edge of a paper plate (the curve) to make a handle

  • Glue handle just inside the paper plate basket

  • Decorate however you like and use for your very own Easter Egg Hunts
10. Pine cone Decorations

Super Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for at home!

14. Number Egg Hunt

Using your free printable eggs you can create a great number hunt – help your toddler find all the numbers or have a trail that leads to the number 1o where the prize is! This is a great one for the garden – if you stick them to some wooden lolly pop sticks you can put them in the grass, or have them sticking out of hedges 🙂 It also helps to stop them blowing away! 

15. Pattern Match Egg Hunt

This is another great one for toddlers – print out lots of different patterned eggs and scatter them everywhere – tell your toddler what shapes they are to collect – this is great if you have more than one child playing as they can all collect their own shapes – no arguments hopefully!

16. Letters / Names Egg Hunt


Another great one for lots of children – print out the eggs and write individual names on each egg and children have to find eggs with their own name on – if you have an only child mummy and daddy could join in with this too (join in even if you have 5 kids, the more the merrier!)

17. Colour Match Egg Hunt

Same as the above Egg hunts just with colours – collect all red or all yellow eggs – choose the egg hunt that best suits the age of your child 🙂 Or you could print out two copies of the eggs you are using and cut out one set which has to be matched up to the sheet – this makes it a bit of a relay race!

18. Easter Chick Hunt

If you want to do something a little different or extra the why not try making these Easter Pom Pom Chicks and hiding them around the garden or even in a ball pit!

19. Foamy Tray Egg Hunt

This is a great sensory activity for little ones – fill a Tuff tray or small paddling pool, or even a washing up bowl with foam and hide eggs inside the bowl – if you don’t have eggs then you could laminate the printable ones or use some real eggs!

20. Bathtime Eggs

Who says egg hunts are only for the garden – why not try an egg hunt in the bath – this is a great one for small toddlers and is a great way to occupy little ones!

21.   Glow in the Dark Eggs

This is a super fun twist on a traditional egg hunt if you have some plastic eggs and some glow sticks! When you are ready to play, activate your glow sticks, pop them in your plastic eggs and hide them in a dark room! Super fun!

14. Free Printable Number Egg Hunt

Easter Activities and Games

22.   Pin the Tail on the Bunny

This is just such a great game that it’s one I recommend for any occasion – I’d advise using blu-tac or something similar for safety reasons – but all you need is a bunny outline – if you’re not confident drawing then stick to a round tummy a round head and some ears and you’re good to go! You could use a giant pom pom or cotton wool ball for the tail 🙂



23.   Egg and spoon race

My kids absolutely love this one! It’s a great game for learning hand eye co-ordination and is just super fun for little ones – use wooden spoons and improvise with balls if you don’t have eggs (it’s the game that’s the fun part!)

24.   Bunny Hop Race

Hop around the garden like bunnies – just because! And it’s a great way to get in some exercise during isolation this Easter! See how many you can do or how you can go!

25. Egg Toss

Find some buckets, boxes, or bags and have a go at throwing some plastic eggs into them – toddlers will love this! You could even do a bit of a colour sorting with it and have a red bucket for the red eggs, a yellow bowl for the yellow etc.

26. Easter Grass Tuff Tray with Chicks

I love a good Tuff Tray activity and Easter is the perfect excuse to get growing your own grass Tuff Tray for your easter chicks to play in! Check out my blog post here on how to do grow your own Tuff Tray Grass

27. Paddling Pool Sensory Play

Fill a small paddling pool (it’s really just a giant container!) with green shredded paper to represent grass – this is a great one for indoors if the weather is rubbish! And hide soft toy rabbits, chicks or anything you like in the bottom – your baby or toddler will have hours of fun rummaging around in the ‘grass’

28. Egg Roll

No not an egg roll from you local takeaway! This is quite literally rolling an egg – if you’ve got a wrapping paper roll or you could tape together toilet/kitchen rolls and make one giant tube to roll eggs down – simple but so much fun!!! You can decorate the tube too which makes it a 2 in 1 activity really 😛

29. Easter Egg Playdough Patterns

Why not try making some of your own patterned rolling pins using toilet rolls and a hot glue gun (see pictures) – just use the glue gun to create a pattern on the toilet roll and when dry use as a rolling pin to create playdough Easter egg patterns!
(If you are looking for lots more playdough ideas then check out this post for Playdough Ideas

stained glass window egg
12. Stained Glass Window Egg Craft

Ways to Connect this Easter

30.   Video Chat

You might not be able to be with all of your friends and family physically this Easter but why not get together over w video chat – you could make it really fun with some silly backgrounds and bunny ears!

31.   Send Easter Cards

I must admit I’ve never been one for sending Easter Cards but this year feels different – I know they will be really appreciate by those who receive them especially grandparents that we can’t get to see – so why not have a go at making some Easter cards – try the finger print chicks from the craft section above – they don’t have to fancy it’s the thought that counts!

32.   Social Media – Happy Easter

This Easter why not share what you’re up to on social media – it’s great to connect virtually and be inspired by what others are doing too!

33.   Be kind to your neighbours

Remembering to Keep Safe and stick to social distancing – you could bake for your neighbours or send them cards, or just leave them a short note to let them know you are thinking of them – A small gesture goes a long way and this is a great opportunity to show kindness to each other 🙂

6. Fingerprint Easter Cards

So there you have it – plenty of ideas to keep you and your little ones busy this Easter at home!

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Have fun making memories and be sure to share what you’re up to on my instagram @mumscreativecupboard

Happy Easter – Stay Safe!

Louisa xx

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