Toilet Paper Roll Craft The Three Little Pigs
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Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Toddlers: The Three Little Pigs

Do you want your child to engage in stories?

Do you find it hard to get them to focus?

Do they like to be hands on?

If so, then story time crafts are a great way to help encourage your child to become part of the story-telling. Children can get involved in the creating of their own characters and then use them to re-tell some of their favourite stories using easy toilet paper roll animals just like these!


In this post I will take you through step-by-step how to create your very own three little pigs toilet roll crafts for toddlers – they’re super easy and non messy so perfect for those days when you just can’t face the mess!

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Animals

Materials for making The 3 Little Pigs Crafts

This toilet paper roll craft is fairly low cost to make and is nice and simple to keep little ones engaged making it the perfect three little pigs crafts for toddlers – all the materials you should be able to pick up in a local craft shop or already have at home:

  • Toilet paper rolls x 4

  • Pink and grey craft foam sheets (you’ll need 2 sheets of A4 pink and 1 grey)

  • Double-sided sticky tape (this makes the whole thing super easy and non messy!)

  • Googly Eyes (you could just use white paper with drawn on black pupils)

  • Pink Curling Ribbon

  • Grey or black feather

  • Black pipe cleaner

  • Buttons (3 pink and 1 small black)

  • Black and pink felt tips

  • Scissors

I highly recommend gathering all the materials you will need together before you start these easy toilet roll animals so that your little one doesn’t lose interest before you’ve even started!

It’s probably also a good idea to print off the three little pigs craft ideas step-by-step instructions so that you can have them to hand as you go! You can find them just below ↓

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    How to make these easy toilet paper roll animals

    So now that you’ve gathered together all of your supplies it’s time to start creating! To keep things nice and simple, each toilet paper roll crafts animals (the 3 little pigs crafts and the big bad wolf) are made in the same way with the only difference being the features, so let’s get making this 3 little pigs crafts:

    The Body

    For this part you will need:

    • Toilet Rolls
    • Craft foam in pink and grey
    • Scissors
    • Double-sided sticky tape
    You will need to begin by cutting stripes of double-sided sticky tap to stick down the length of the toilet paper roll as shown:
    toilet paper roll craft

    Once you have done this, you need to cut a length of craft foam as wide as the toilet paper roll.

    Place the roll on to the foam and roll until the tube is covered.


    Cut off the excess and stick down to complete join.

    (A handy tip here is to begin and end on half a strip of the stick tape so that you don’t have to add extra at the end)

    Repeat this process until you have 3 pink covered rolls and 1 grey covered roll

    The final part of the body before we move onto the individual features are the ears.

    • You will need to cut out the ears using the excess foam you cut off earlier (to make the ears similar, you could cut out a template one first and then draw around this to create the rest of the ears – or you can go freehand, entirely up to you!)

    • Once you have created your ears, take your felt tip pens and colour in the centre of the ears for some fun detail.

    • I found the best way to fix these ot the body was to use some tape on the inside to create a nice join – for an extra touch you can bend the pigs ears over a bit, the craft foam is really flexible and is a great touch!

    The 3 Little Pigs Crafts Features

    So let’s begin with the pigs as we have 3 of them to do!

    For this part you will need:


    • Your 3 pink covered toilet paper rolls
    • Googly eyes
    • Double-sided sticky tape
    • 3 pink buttons
    • Pink Curling ribbon
    • Scissors


    For both the three little pigs and the wolf you will need googly eyes – I absolutely love using googly eyes because it instantly brings a craft project to life and they are so inexpensive.

    (A pro tip after my eyes kept falling off! – Be sure to peel the back of the eyes if you have sticky ones as the surface is very shiny and difficult to stick the tape to if you don’t!)


    For the pigs you will want to find some pink buttons with 2 holes in (4 hole buttons just don’t look right!) If you can’t find any don’t worry just cut out a pink circle from your excess craft foam and draw on two holes and you will have a lovely pig snout!

    Curly Tail

    And to complete this super easy pig, you need a curly tail!

    I love curling ribbons and they can be bought in many card shops for very little – I recommend taping the ribbon at the bottom of the inside of the tube and then getting your scissors and curling the ribbon once it’s attached (this is probably best done by the adult!) If you’re not sure how to curl ribbon then check out this video to learn how: How to Curl Ribbons with Scissors

    The 3 Little Pigs Crafts

    The Big Bad Wolf Features

    So let’s move on the big bad wolf!

    For this part you will need:

    • Your grey covered toilet paper roll
    • Googly eyes
    • Double-sided sticky tape
    • 1 small black button
    • Grey or black feather
    • Black pipe cleaner
    • Scissors

    Eyes & Eyebrows

    So again we will need our googly eyes to bring our wolf to life – I have used the same size eyes as the pigs but you could experiment to see if bigger or smaller would change the expression on his face…

    The eyebrows really make the wolf seem like the mean character we’re trying to create – so just grab a black pipe cleaner and cut into two small pieces one for each eyebrow and stick with double-sided tape to create that angry look!


    All you will need for the wolf nose is a small black button or anything similar that you may already have (a black pom pom would work just as well)

    The key to getting the long nose on the wolf is to position the button further down the tube as this makes him appear to be looking down on the pigs and again adds to the character we are trying to create.


    Adding a feather tail is a great way to finish off the wolf and really bring him to life – the easiest way to do this is to tape the feather underneath on the inside of the tube and then bend it up – if you would like it to stay up the side of the body then you could tape it on the outside too.

    And now you have your toilet paper roll crafts animals ready for your three little pigs storytime! Often three little pigs crafts for toddlers are a little too difficult for toddlers, but hopefully with all the gluing and sticking your little one can have fun making this with the help of a grown up!

    The 3 Little Pigs Toilet Paper Roll Craft

    Three Little Pigs Toilet Roll Craft for Creative Stories Recap:

    So there you have it, a fabulous three little pigs toilet roll craft – the 3 little pigs and 1 big bad wolf ready to bring your story time to life!

    You could perhaps encourage your child to give names to each of the three little pigs and you could write them on the front of each – or decorate them with different coloured stickers to tell them apart – adapt them to what you need – the joy of these three little pigs craft ideas is that you can customise them however you like as they are lovely and simple!

    Have fun retelling the story using your story time craft pigs and if you liked these easy toilet roll animals then check out this post for more creative story ideas
    Creative Story time Ideas and look out for more three little pigs crafts for toddlers coming soon!

    Don’t forget to make things that bit easier by downloading the free printable step-by-step guide to create these thee little pigs crafts again and again – just sign up below to download yours right now!

    Have fun making this Three Little Pig Toilet Roll Craft 🙂

    Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard

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    -The 3 Little Pigs-

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