stocking stuffers for toddlers
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Top 3 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas stockings are such a fun way to celebrate Christmas, so much so that even as an adult a Christmas stocking is a must 😆 (yes I am a big kid!)

These Christmas stocking filler ideas for toddlers all promote imaginative play for little ones, and range in price from £2.99 to £25.99 for the more expensive options.

There are of course cheaper alternatives for most of these gifts which I will mention throughout, and let you know why I have chosen the stocking stuffers that I have!

stocking stuffers for toddlers

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1. Kinetic Sand is a great stocking filler for all budgets!

stocking stuffers for toddlers

Kinetic sand is a firm favourite in our house. You cannot go wrong with something so simple!

If you’ve never played with Kinetic sand, it is a mold-able sand that is described by it’s creators as 98% sand, 2% magic! You can sculpt it, pull it, run it through your fingers, shape it and much more!

The beauty of kinetic sand is that:

  • It lasts for ages and doesn’t dry out (even if you leave it out like we have on several occasions! If it does become a little dry simply add a drop of water and mix thoroughly to restore to it’s original texture)

  • It comes in so many amazing colours now so you can use it for all kinds of play! We love using Kinetic sand as a sensory base for small world play, blue oceans, green grass, or sandy beaches!

  • Scented Kinetic Sand is a thing now too so you can really get a full on sensory experience with this stuff! (And it really does smell good – we’ve got the apple flavour and the chocolate and they smell amazing!) 

  • It is great no-set up required activity making it great for busy days when you just don’t have to time to spend setting up a play activity

  • It encourages creativity in children – it’s like having a blank canvas and a paint brush (except not quite as messy!)

Kinetic Sand for Your Toddler Stocking Fillers

Everyone does stocking presents differently – some spend very little and add more smaller novelty presents, whilst others might spend more and have less gifts – either way, there are a range of options when it comes to kinetic sand!

Scented Kinetic Sand for Smelly Sensory Play

This awesome scented sand, comes in a resealable bag, and really does smell incredible! It’s an afforable option if you want to give it a go and see how you get on – I guarantee you’ll love it and want to buy more! 😏

Multi Colour Pack of Kinetic Sand for Mixing Fun!

This multi pack comes with 10 different colours of kinetic sand, each in it’s own little sand sandcastle pot which can be used to make the perfect sand castle every time!

This is a super great option of you are buying for more than one toddler as you can split the pack up – or even put a couple in the stocking and save the rest for another occasion!

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Carry Case Set

This is a larger set that make require a pillow case or a sack to fit in in (or maybe this should be a main gift!) but it is a super fun Kinetic sand set with everything you need to make a fun sand castle theme set up, and it’s all contained in one carry case!

Whichever Kinetic sand you go with you can’t go wrong really – it’s a sensation like no other makes a lovely Christmas stocking filler ideas for toddlers!

2. Learning Minds Jumbo Animals are a toddler must have!

stocking stuffers for toddlers

Toy animals are a firm favourite for many toddlers – but often they are either too small for their hands, or if they are more toddler friendly they tend to be less realistic..

That’s why I love Learning Minds Jumbo Animal collection! They are chunkier and softer, making it easier for little ones to grab hold of and play with, but they are also realistic looking at the same time.

We have had the dinosaur collection for a while now and would highly recommend them as amazing toddler toys – you can can check out our Dinosaur Swamp and Dinosaur Tuff Tray and other activites here!

And the great news is, learning Minds have a whole collection for you to choose from, so now matter what your little one is into right now, there’s a wide selection to choose from! 

You could easily fill a stocking by individually wrapping each animal from a set!

Learning Minds Jumbo Animal Collection:

These toys are great for introducing imaginative play, and encouraging your child to create their own ‘small world’ play.

3. Playdough Robot Parts Make a Super Fun Imaginative Gift!

stocking stuffers for toddlers

I have a confession – this is my favourite…And it’s the cheapest! We picked this pack of robot parts up in a garden centre over the summer and used them with playdough fun!

Disclaimer: These are small parts and supervision is required at all times!

It’s such a simple stocking filler but one that can bring a lot of fun when combined with playdough!

You can purchase a set here at Creativ Company for just £2.99!

For lots more ideas on loose parts to pair with playdough checkout this post on 77 Creative ideas to Spark the Imagination!

That's a Wrap on Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers!

This is one of our favourite times of the year and this is a small way that we can make it extra special.

I hope you enjoy these Christmas stocking filler ideas for toddlers!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x