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We’re going on a bear hunt Tuff Tray: Quick and easy storytime

Is your little one really into the story, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt?

We are big fans of the story in our house, and we wanted a way to extend play and bring the story to life outdoors – or at least bring the outdoors in! So we came up with this super simple Bear hunt Activity, combining story and play!

This We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Activity is made using cut grass, blue fabric, soil, twigs, paper balls and a simple stone from the garden! This works well in the tuff tray or you can recreate it on a smaller scale for sensory bear hunt activities for toddlers at home.

I love tuff trays – they can be used for so many things and despite what you might think, they don’t have to be complicated setups! We’re Going On a Bear Hunt Sensory Activities in a Tuff Tray are really popular as there are so many sensory play elements to engage with!

If you don’t have a Tuff Tray you can purchase the one we have here on Amazon (or you can use an alternative tray on a smaller scale)

So let’s get straight into this awesome bear hunt craft activity with Bear Hunt printables to enhance play even more!

we're going on a bear hunt printables

Free – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Printables – Finger Puppets

printable finger puppets bear hunt

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Going on a Bear Hunt Activities with Grass…Long Wavy Grass

Our grass has grown pretty long and was in need of a much needed cut but not before me and the kids got some scissors and cut up the lawn for our tuff tray!!

If you don’t have grass to cut you could consider growing you own in your tuff tray (I have a post on growing grass in a tuff tray here).

You could use fake grass or even just some green paper or card – green wool would work well to create a lovely long wavy grass too!

Place your grass section along the first edge of you tuff tray and we’ll work out from there…

Bear Hunt Activities Through A Deep Cold River…

Depending on whether you are having this as an indoor or outdoor bear hunt activity depends on how you might approach this section!

For an indoor activity you might want to do as I did and use some blue reflective material, craft foam or card to create an illusion of water. Children are great at using their imagination and can create splish splash sounds without real water!

For an extra touch you could also create some lighter or darker blue puddle shapes to pretend splash in!

If you are doing this as an outside activity then you might want to try adding water to the tuff tray – I recommend finding a long tray or a few shallow bowls to put the water in so it doesn’t just mix in with all the other elements!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Activities In Thick Oozy Mud..

For the mud I just used some compost we had left over – I left it as it was but to create a more oozy mud you could just add some water and mix it up a little! Again this will depend on whether you plan to play indoors or outdoors – I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy mud on my sofa!!

Alternatively you can use any brown material or card you have for a much less messy mud (but it’s not quite the same…!)

Going Through A Deep Dark Forest..

Our garden was full of random twigs that had accumulated over the winter months and these make for a great ‘forest’ section of your tuff tray.

This is a really great We’re Going On a Bear Hunt Activities EYFS task for your toddler to help with too – give them a bucket or basket and ask them to go and find as many twigs as they can!

Going on A Bear Hunt Craft Through A Snow Storm…

Now on to the snow storm – I had initially thought about using some fake snow for this, however I am a greatย  believer in using what you already have and making these activities simple for you to put together so that you can have lots of time playing, and so instead I opted for some homemade snowballs!

I had lots of white tissue paper left over from a previous activity and so with the help of my kids we tore off small sections and rolled them into balls for our snowstorm section.

If you don’t have tissue paper, cotton wool balls are another great option, or just normal white paper – just use what you have ๐Ÿ™‚

Make A Bear Hunt Cave…A Narrow Gloomy Cave

Now the cave is definitely an abstract part of this We’re Going On A Bear Hunt tuff tray ideas!

I used a large stone that we have had in the garden for some time that we sometimes use to hold things down but you can use anything you can think of…

You might have some recycling that is dome shaped (trifles come in great dome shaped plastic containers that could be painted grey or black) or you might have a tunnel from a train set – let your imagination run wild for this part!!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Printables – Bear Hunt crafts

So there you have it!

Your wonderfully quick Bear Hunt Activity Tuff Tray…

But wait…

You don’t have a bear…or any of the other characters for that matter…(I turned my house upside down looking for something that would work and I don’t want you to have to do the same!!)

So I have made some small finger puppets that are perfect for little hands and can be used alongside this tuff tray to really bring the story to life ๐Ÿ™‚

To download them just fill in your email address in the link below and you’ll receive a link to download them – I hope you enjoy these We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Printables!

Free – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Printables – Finger Puppets

printable finger puppets bear hunt

โ‡“ Don’t forget to pin the image for laterย โ‡“

tuff tray sensory play bear hunt

I hope you enjoy this We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Activities with your little ones! This Tuff Tray is one of many on the blog so be sure to check out some of our other favourites here:

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Have fun going on your own bear hunts with this bear hunt tuff tray at home!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard